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  • Air Pollution: The Enemy Of The Man And The Baths

    The enemy of the people focuses on the relationship between dr stockman and his brother there conflict , however a more important issue of the pollution of the baths seems to take a back ground position. Just as in the play today 's society debate and unimaginably deny climate change , we deny the effects of humans and or negative impact on the planet, we are a destructive force of nature because we do not work as a group or one global conscience that regulates or waste and works to being more…

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  • Green Tea Questionnaire

    This chapter analyzes the collected data on a different aspect related to the satisfaction level and the awareness about the green tea among the population (ref. Appendix). The result and analysis pertaining to various objectives of the study have been presented in this chapter. The above data in table 4.1.1 and fig. 4.1.1 shows that 54% of the respondents from the age group 20-30 years who mostly preferred Green tea while 24% is preferred by the age group 30-40 years and 13% by below 20 years…

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  • Go Green Campaign Case Study

    From my perspective, I believe that Go Green campaign could possibly return the investment in the future. It just has to take a time. Same as Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco chief, who also think that profit and environment can go together even though many businessmen and politicians do not think so. They said “You cannot make profit and go green” (The Guardian, 2008). There are hidden advantages from the go green campaign moreover than saving the world. Sir Terry Leahy said if they are acting the…

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  • Biomimicry Case Study

    ARCHITECTURAL THESIS (2017-2018) THE LIVING SKYSCRAPPER Submitted by : KLEIN KENNY VETTOOR SHARDA UNIVERSITY INCLUSION OF BIO MIMICRY IN SKYSCRAPPER INTRODUCTION Biomimicry and biomimetics come from the Greek words bios, meaning life, andmimesis, also meaning to imitate. Biomimicry is the examination of nature, itsmodels, systems, and processes for the purpose of gaining inspiration in order tosolve manmade problems. Biomimetic Architecture is a contemporary…

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  • Eco City Case Study

    Thesis Title: Urban Planning, An Eco-City Approach: The Case of Urmia, Iran The purpose of my thesis is to define a restoration plan for green structure of Urmia city by considering cultural aspects of human lifestyle. The environmental crises are challenging the future of several cities around the world; Urmia city in Northwest of Iran, located near Urmia Lake is not an exception. This lake is an important internationally recognized natural area designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.…

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  • The Iranian Green Movement And Liberal Feminism Theory

    The Iranian Green Movement and the Liberal Feminism theory. The aim of this paper is to analyse the Green Movement in Iran through the Liberal feminism theory. I address the following question: To what extent the relationship between the Iranian Green Movement and the Liberal Feminism theory exists? First and foremost, I will present the Iranian Green Movement, then, I will explain the Liberal feminism theory and finally I will explain whether or not the relationship between these two is…

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  • Structured VLSI Design Case Study

    2.1.2 Structured Design and challenges The Structured VLSI design is a modular methodology originated by Carver Mead and Lynn Conway for saving microchip area by minimizing the interconnect fabrics area. This was attained by continuous research of rectangular macro blocks which can be interconnected using wiring by abutment. The Structured VLSI design had been widespread in the initial 1980s, but lost its effect later since the advent of placement and routing tools wasting a lot of region by…

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  • Chaguaramas Beach Case Study

    Problem Description In recent times coastal areas have been extensively developed in the area of North West of Port-of-Spain. Its beautiful landscape by the sea, bays and streams have been utilized by habour activities and human activities. The area s also used by various boats both personal and commercial that carry chemicals and hazardous compounds. These water vessels are often cleaned on the docks and emit a lot of hazardous waste into the water. Leaks during the transfer of goods and…

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  • Water Sanitation In Nepal Essay

    In a earth water is important resource for sustaining ecosystems, which provide life-supporting services for people, animals, and plants 1.Contaminated water is a major cause of illness and death, water quality is a determining factor in human poverty, education, and economic opportunities. Water quality is going to declining, threatening the health of ecosystems and humans worldwide 2. Various factors influence this impairment, including rapid urbanization ,land use ,chemicals of industrial…

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  • Effects Of Climate Change And Sustainable Development

    Climate Change and Sustainable Development Weather and climate are two environmental factors that affect everyday lives. However, while weather is generally observed over a short period of time, climate is seen as being relatively constant, or is observed over a much longer period of time. As it is, the longevity of climate is decreasing – slowly but alarmingly – due to the actions of man. Climate is related to the existence of the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Effect is known as “a general…

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