Intentional Teaching Early Years Essay

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Introduction: For teachers, getting to know children’s requirements and respecting children’s aspiration should be highlighted in teaching. For children, learning should be spontaneous, but not be forced or artificially constructed in any way, because it is more effective to learn through self-experience (play). The EYLF defines intentional teaching as ‘educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions’.(DEEWR, 2009, p.15) In this essay, I will mention how intention teaching and play promote outcomes in EYLF, and what teacher’s strategies we will use to reach our expectations.
Intentional Teaching:

For children, adults like parents, teachers, or caregivers can motivate them to understand the
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Moreover, through every observation and evaluation, considered children’s development, teachers will set safe, secure and supported (DEEWR, Outcomes 2) environment for children to take self-believe action to play intentionally. (Mora-Flores, 2015, PP. 58)

Teaching Early Years
The importance of relationships between teachers and children is building trust can make children on the path to confidence to be a self-identity learner in effective play-based learning. (DEEWR, Outcomes 1)
Every child is individual leaner, so intentional teaching provides opportunities for teachers to get to know the differences among children, (Pendergast & Garvis, 2014,PP. 191) and also make more targeted plan for them, and then every child can strengthen their interests and they will feel that they are respect to make choices, so that children will be confident to engage a group or a community. (DEEWR, Outcomes 2&4) Additionally, setting a safe and supported learning environment is also important in intentional teaching because it will “encourage children to explore, solve problems, create and construct.” (Pendergast & Garvis, 2014, PP.

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