Effects Of Urban Air Pollution In Israel

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According to the main website of Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection:
Urban Air Pollution No Worse in Israel than in Europe, Ministry Says that the high level of air pollution in Israeli cities is caused mainly by motor vehicles.
The high level of air pollution in Israeli cities is caused mainly by motor vehicles, but the air quality isn’t any worse than in large cities in Europe and Canada, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Ministry.
Air pollution in Israel has decreased in recent years, according to the report for 2014, the first of its kind in Israel.
In some metropolitan areas there are especially high concentrations of two pollutants produced by fuel combustion in both transportation and industry — volatile organic compounds and nitrogen dioxide in city centers emitted
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Indoor exposure to air pollutants may occur in both private and public indoor environments, including homes, offices, schools, hospitals and transport systems. IAQ is affected by toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide [CO] and nitrogen oxides [NOx]), volatile organic compounds (VOCs, such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, styrene), pesticides, lead, flame retardants, respirable particles and dust, smoking (secondhand and third-hand), various biological pollutants (such as mold and bacteria), and physical contaminants (radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and asbestos). The main factors affecting IAQ are ventilation, indoor sources of pollutants, and the quality of ambient air entering the building.
Poor IAQ has been associated with health effects such as asthma, chronic obstructive lung diseases, bronchitis (primarily in children), allergic reactions, and an increased risk of infectious disease. Low socio-economic status is also likely to contribute to the presence of factors that significantly affect

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