How To Reduce Air Pollution In California

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I wonder if there are options for us as human being can help reduce the air pollution level in California or anywhere around the world. I want to know more about air pollution what are the causes and what are the effects that caused by air pollution and what can I do not to stop but can reduce a little air pollution. I think air pollution is very important to me and to other people because we breath in and out the air every day in our life and no one want to breath in the air that is polluted or dirty air. After finished the term paper, I hope I will understand more about the dangerous of air pollution and what the causes are that increasing the level of the air pollution day to day in California and places around the world. I think the causes …show more content…
These are the one that I found very interested me. Big factories in American are the major cause of the air pollution. First, factories need an energy source to power their productivity, by burning fossil fuel or a particular coal, some factories used power generator which put a large amount of carbo dioxide into the air this can cause a greater air pollution than the factories processes. The metal smelting factories produce emissions of sulfur and carbon dioxide, aluminum smelting can put out arsenic particulates which lead and gold refining put out mercury and cyanide emissions. The food processing factories also can release out soot into the air in the process or frying and smoking processes, washing meat and fish plants put out a volumes of liquid waste that leave molds and bacterial residues that also pollute the air. Factories tried to reduce the air pollution by installed filter into their factories exhaust and used of natural gas for their power generators to produce electricity. Other cause is from our car that we drive every day. Here are some examples of major pollutants from our car, particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hazardous air pollutants (toxics), and greenhouse gases. We can help reduce air pollution by drive a fuel-efficiency vehicles burn less oil which will put fewer emissions into the air, drive …show more content…
The research showed that factories and passenger vehicles are the main causes of air pollutions, and air pollution caused a big problem to human health especially children. Air pollution can cause global warning which lead to change in weather and effect on wildlife habitats, air pollution also damaged the ozone layer which is our protection against ultraviolet and other stuffs from outer space. I did learn a lot about air pollutions throughout the research; it was very interesting to know how children that are living in polluted area have to deal with on daily basis and what kind of danger that might hurt them. I also can help reduce air pollution by driving a hybrid or electric vehicle which I don’t really like but it will worth it in a long run and I hope the government should be more strictly on smog check on

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