The Importance Of Literature Of Africa And The Caribbean

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The importance of literature can be seen in various aspects. Environmentally, literature tells the story of the relationships that humans share with the environment. Literature of Africa and the Caribbean use an interdisciplinary approach to shed light on different environmental concerns. In a sense, literature gives nature its voice. In this paper, I will outline the importance of the Feminist, Eco-Feminist, Eco-Imagination, Eco-Centric, and Eco-Efficiency.
Ecocriticism is “ecologically sensitive creative writing and criticism”. (Okuyade, v) Ecocriticism is literature that explores our physical environment all while critiquing the way we interpret, epitomize, and interact with it. One’s culture determines a great deal of the symbiotic relationship
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It is vital that a society knows of its contribution to the environment they live in on a daily basis, and what effect they have on it for future generations to come. Having a commitment to an array of interactions with the environment, engaging in overall environmental awareness, and learning or participating in environmental beliefs, are all forms of eco-activism. Eco-activism can also be seen as ecological consciousness, meaning that theories such as Dr. Rob Nixon’s “Slow Violence”, serves as a guide to environmentalism. This theory explains that all environmental atrocities “occur steadily and out of sight.”( Okuyade,x). This means taking it a step further to realize that violence is not a term just coined to physical harm and/or bloodshed but also to the “incremental and accretive” aspects across an array of temporal …show more content…
Eco-efficiency deals with the environment in a social and economic sense. This speaks to both parties of the oil crisis of the Niger Delta. Eco-efficiency means reaching a point of competitively priced goods and services that please the needs of humans but also brings forth quality of life that actively reduces harmful environmental influences. What this means is that clean up should be put into place at the Niger Delta of the massive amount of oil as well as crack down on illegal bunkering. This way there will be a solution for both sides and overall the environment is saved. Development in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region is typically community-driven. Non-Governmental Organizations have stepped in, but ultimately it is up to the people to take care of their environment in which they

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