The Effects Of Recycling

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Environmental problems are still the majority of world issue that humans are encountering with. Waste is one of the visible problem for several countries. However, some people might think this issue is still beyond the effects of livelihood. They could not also realize the consequences in the future negatively. Those fallacies generally become the concern for environmentalists and other people. I am also one of students who have sought the activities that could help the society reduce environmental problems. Therefore, I had a great opportunity to participate volunteer event as “Recycling (Do you even recycling?)”.
The environmental center or E-center in University of Colorado boulder created the event of recycling in order to develop the
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Actually, many students ignored to participate this event and did not want to know what the waste product is appropriate for disposal bin. This is why our team tried to convince them by making games along with pizza. It could help much to lead students coming. We generally gave them one survey question sheet includes 11 questions for classifying the correct disposal bin for each item such as paper napkins and tissues, aluminum can, food, chip bag/ candy wrappers, plastic bags, plastic bottles, paper cups, frozen boxes, and aluminum foil. There are four choices consist of container recycling, papers recycling, compost, and landfill. From observation, over a half of CU student’s participants circled …show more content…
Actually, waste is the social construction that is the way to understand parts of the world in term of social values and individual interaction (Lecture: Waste). Carolan (2013) states “waste refers to what we have no use for”. In other words, the items that cannot bring to use are defined as waste such as old newspapers, plastic bags, and electronic appliances. The effective way for waste is 3R, the well-known slogan of environmental solution, which are Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Reuse and Reduce can be followed easily in your daily life because its process is not complicated, for example, when you go shopping, you should find the products that may be rather durable and useful for a long time (Reduce). For reuse, you should keep the waste product that may be used more before deposing it. Two prior concepts of environmental solution are the effective foundation of three R (Eisenberg, 2008). However, the recycling is the harder thing to do in terms of the process and people behavior. The personal behavior is the most crucial element of recycling because it is the beginning of an environmental

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