Recycling Program: A Case Study

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Thank you in advance for reading and considering the proposed changes to the company 's recycling program. The current program lacks direction and consistency and does not scream "Go Green!" A few of the key changes needed are prominently labeling recycle bins, replacing current supplies with recycled products, and encouraging the employees to conserve resources. Forming a group of volunteers, who are eager to "recycle, re-use, and reduce" will kick start these office changes with excitement! This "Green Team" can enforce the necessary recycling changes in the office and create and atmosphere of sustainability. The EPA reports that in 2011 Americans created around 250 million tons of trash and it increased last year by one million ton. Even …show more content…
These two steps not only improve the Earth 's environment but will also save the company money. This can be achieved by simply turning off lights when not in use and removing the motion lights around the office. Turning a light switch on and off is a small sacrifice to conserve the planet 's resources. Another way the office can conserve energy is by using shades on exterior windows to block out the heat during the summer. Friday all-staff lunches could also be minimized so leftovers do not end up in the trash. Out of the thirty six million tons of food produced in 2012, only a meager 5% was recycled or incinerate (Reducing, 1). The other 95% ended up in landfills. Another option would be to donate leftovers to homeless shelters. This keeps food out of landfills and helps people in need. The next step to be taken to conserve resources is to monitor copy stations and to discourage excessive printing. Copy stations settings can be defaulted to use less paper/ink thus conserving materials and …show more content…
Recycling discarded materials and re-using items when possible reduces our country 's landfills and creates less pollution. Replacing supplies with environmentally friendly products protect the planet and conserves energy. These suggested improvements to the office 's recycling program are just the beginning steps to nudge co-workers to make better choices for the planet. Putting a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about protecting the environment will make the transition enjoyable rather than extra work. This team can put the recycling options around the office, email fun, weekly reminders to staff and encourage everyone to recycle, re-use and reduce to protect the

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