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  • The Rh Factor Essay

    blood type system, because it hooks 45 different surface antigen on the surface of the red cells that are controlled by two closely linked genes on chromosome 1. The antiserum for blood sample was the outcome results of the research that was done on the rhesus monkeys which lead to the naming of the Rh system. (Oneil, 31-07-2015) The RH factor works in a certain way, when the antiserum agglutinate your red cells you are Rh positive (Rh+) and when it does not , you are Rh negative (Rh-).Although…

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  • Mendelian Inheritance Lab Report

    Mendelian inheritance is centered around three laws discovered by Gregor Mendel. First is the law of segregation which states that during the formation of gamete the two allele pairs separate randomly. The second law is independent assortment which states during gamete formation each pair of the allele will segregate independently of the rest of the pairs of the chromosomes. The third law is the law of dominance which is that alleles can be dominant or recessive with the expression of the…

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  • Goldfish Respiration Experiment

    Respiration Rate Analysis on Goldfish While Being Exposed to Varying Water Temperatures Avarie Wideman, Bronwyn Edgell, Brooke Farrell, Shannon Porter & Emma Milne 1 Uxbridge Secondary School, Uxbridge, Canada ________________________________________ Results After completing the goldfish respiration experiment we were left with an abundance of data that has lead us to these results. Through the experiment we have discovered that the goldfish's respiration is affected when exposed to extreme…

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  • Protein Solubility

    innate protein particles or aggregates.However, there is a mechanistic difference between the two aspects. In the case of a pure solubility issue, i.e. a protein becomes insoluble in a certain solution (no changes in protein structure and integrity) and a solid phase is formed, a strong dilution of the system may lead to the dissolution of the protein. In such a circumstance, the term “protein associates” may more appropriately describe the formed protein solid .In this instance, protein…

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  • Human Cloning Essay

    mature somatic cell is removed from an organism, and the DNA is transferred to an egg cell whose DNA has been removed. This is commonly referred to as somatic cell nuclear transfer or SCNT. Finally, the egg starts the reproductive process and attaches to the uterus of a female in the same species. This results in a whole organism with the same genetic makeup of the donator of the somatic cell (See Appendix B for a diagram of the process). The last type, therapeutic cloning, occurs when a cell is…

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  • Onion Cell Experiment

    Comparing and Discovering the Properties of Animal and Plant Cells INTRODUCTION: Scientists have developed classification units among livings. One of this classification types is kingdoms. It represents widely covered societies, including Animalia and Plantae. It is known that all livings are composed of cells, from the cell theory, so animals and plants also have a cell association. The cellular structures of animal and plants cells are clearly different. These structural differences will be…

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  • The Importance Of Germination In Plants

    Plants are mainly multicellular, predominantly photosynthetic eukaryotes of the Kingdom Plantae (Plant, 2018). Kingdoms are the main divisions which scientists use to classify all living things on Earth. Biologists have discovered 500 000 species of plants, of which 250 000 are angiosperms and are dominant in plant study (Encyclopedia, n.d.). Seeds are a small embryonic plant, which is enclosed in a small covering, called a seed coat, with stored food inside until they can obtain their energy…

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  • Importance Of Polyploidy

    The most common effect of polyploidy in plants is the gigas effect. Gigas effect was explained by Stebbins (1950) as increase in cell size causing larger organs such as roots, leaves, tubercles, fruits, flowers and seeds. However, this is not always exhibited by polyploid plants as the number of cell divisions in polyploidy is often reduced (Stebbins, 1971). Polyploid plants tend to have lower growth rates and flower later or in longer period than their diploid…

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  • Potato Osmosis In Potato

    pressure than the solution to which it is compared. Water is then forced into the protein lined channels; this increased mass of the solution creates a blockade which decreases the ration that the solution leaves the cell and increases the rate of solutions that enter the cell expanding the cell. (Sciencing, 2018) This was observed in the distilled water test-tube. A hypertonic solution is the opposite where it requires a higher osmotic pressure than the solution to which it is compared. This…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Human Cloning

    about being on an organ transplant waiting list for decades, waiting for their inevitable death. Human cloning has allowed us to grow organs, by using skin cells and converting them to stem cells. The nucleus of these stem cells of skin are then replaced into the nucleus and create what is known as a blastocyst, a bundle of hundreds of cells whose purpose is to specialize growing a specific body part, such as an ear. (Knapton). Not only can this help people who are in life-threatening…

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