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  • Deliberate Attack On Guernica

    against civilians, legitimate act of war? Yes, however it’s a poor and awful way of carrying out a vicious and malicious act against innocent people. One native might punch another, and not confer a demonstration of war. War is for the most part accepted to be a proclaimed hostile between two countries, as when the United States announced war against the Axis powers Japan, Germany and Italy on December 8, 1941. Were deliberate attacks on civilians during the Second World War act of terrorism?…

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  • USA Patriot Act And The Effect On American Society Today

    USA Patriot Act And The Effect On American Society Today The United States of America took a devastating blow on September 11, 2001, when the many parts of the country were under attack such as New York City and Washington D.C. The United States took immediate action to prevent further attacks and protecting their citizens by enacting the U.S. Patriot Act. Despite the attacks on American soil, the resilience demonstrated by the American people that day was remarkable. The U.S. Patriot Act has…

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  • Solyndra Ethical Case Study

    Solyndra, A U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturer Solyndra was the first manufacturer to receive a guaranteed loan from the government under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and was endorsed as a model manufacturer for the clean energy economy. In this essay we will look at a brief history of Solyndra, their unethical behavior, ethical framework, and the laws that pertain to this company. It is always an unfortunate situation when a large company, such as Solyndra, is viewed as becoming very successful…

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  • Safeguarding Of Children Essay

    perspective it will discuss how different acts have been set into place to stop prevention of cruelty towards children. Such as in 1889 as this was the first act in place of the parliament to protect children. Also this essay will summarise the main provisions which took place in 1989, as this was a huge act that give…

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  • Reflection Paper About 9/11

    I don’t remember 9-11. Yet, I am part of the generation that was old enough to remember the events when they occurred. I was just shy of five years old by a couple months when the World Trade Towers were hit in a tragic terrorist act and claimed thousands of victims. It was a pivotal point in American history, a pivotal point in world history. The question of the year for every American patriot was “where were you when the towers fell?” My answer? I was probably taking a nap. However, my lack of…

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  • Long Term Care In Canada

    The ageing population in Canada will comprise a major portion of the population in the next couple of years, putting an enormous strain on the economy and health care system. This essay will address the theme of deinstitutionalization and how it relates to the elderly population in Canada. Canada is a country that is demographically diverse and consists of differentiating cultural perspectives and therefore long term care services cannot be limited to one practice. The long term care services…

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  • Case Study: Should College Athletes Be Paid

    Collegiate Athletic Association over developing free market and unions for players. The question that is typically heard on a daily basis is, “Should college athletes be paid?”, and the typical answer is ether “yes” or “no, they are getting a free education.” But, as the topics popularity continues to grow and the athletes…

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  • 2001 Patriot Act Essay

    The 2001 Patriot Act has been apart of everyday life for Americans, whether in the form of TSA at an airport or the NSA, and many find this act to be unconstitutional. Article I. What the Patriot act is. The Patriot act was a law signed in by congress after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The main purpose of the act is to prevent another catastrophic terrorist attack like 9/11. How the Patriot act goes about preventing that is another question. The act is found to be unconstitutional to…

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  • What Problems Did England Face After The French And Indian War

    war efforts. The second was how to control and govern the newly gained territories gained from the French with the treaty of 1763. England’s answer to these two problems for came in the form of numerous social and economic constraints such as taxes, acts, and programs imposed on the colonists in an effort to establish greater control. Ultimately however, England’s efforts to gain greater control were unsuccessful largely due to leading the colonists to believe that England was encroaching on…

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  • Marijuan Justification For Solution

    Marijuana: Justification for Solution Solution: Use of caffeine, ephedrine, nicotine, betel, ephedrine, methylphenidate and the like are not illegal but their overuse results in harm. Nicotine is linked with cancer and caffeine negatively impacts health (Fothergill 71). In comparison marijuana intake results in a well-being feeling. It erases symptoms of many diseases and is fairly safe for the users. Marijuana can be compared with ice cream – if abused both items will result in injurious side…

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