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  • Description: The Duel From Electric Dreams '

    Artifact 1: The Duel from “Electric Dreams” (Steve Barron. 1984) Description: Madeline Robistat (Virginia Madsen) is practicing on her cello in her apartment for a later Orchestra performance she has. An advanced computer owned by Miles Harding ( Lenny Von Dohlen), her neighbor, who lives in the apartment just right below. As Madeline starts to practice on her Cello, the computer while being left on by Miles begins to repeat the tunes that she created using electronic computer sounds that…

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  • Summary Of Thomas Fleming's Duel Alexander Hamilton

    Fleming's Duel: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and the Future of America, is a book that tells the story of Burr vs Hamilton. The book begins in the year 1804 with a short comparison between Burr and Hamilton. Hamilton created a self-goal to achieve fame but in order to do so all of his actions had to be moral and not damage his reputation. Ironically fighting a duel would be the last thing Hamilton could afford to do, especially since he had opposed them and lost his eldest son in a duel. Burr…

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  • The Duel By Joseph J. Ellis: The Founding Fathers

    relationship between each other and the American People The founding fathers, if you grew up in America you likely have heard of them. Joseph J. Ellis’s book focuses on a few of the founding fathers lives and struggles. The first chapter, called The Duel, highlights the confrontation between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr which ended in Hamilton dying of a fatal wound. What happened is Burr, who was tired of Hamilton fiddling with his political career based off of their different political…

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  • Summary Of The Duel (The Parallel Lives Of Alexander Hamilton And Aaron Burr

    The Duel (The Parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr) MaKayley Smallwood. Publisher: Judith St. George. # of pages: 86 (not including the Epilogue) Early on the morning of July 11,1804, two men met on the dueling grounds of Weehawken ,New Jersey. When the duel was over, one man was dead, the other a fugitive. This book is about the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Both men were prominent figures in the life of the new nation. Alexander Hamilton had been the first…

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  • Aaron Burr's Early Political Career

    An affair of honor, or duel as it is usually referred to, rarely resulted in death and rarely happened in the political field. Aaron Burr was one of the most intelligent men of his time but one of the worst choice makers. Aaron Burr’s early losses in his childhood and political career directly led to his infamous duel and ultimate exile from the country he helped found. Aaron burr's childhood and early political career were not easy. In Aaron Burr’s young life he suffered the death of his…

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  • Stephen Banks 'Killing With Courtesy: The English Duelist'

    for humanity or for self-interest. The code demanded that during the duel the offended party would be fired upon in earnest. Yet, this prospect became ambiguous, but it conferred the maximum of possible advantages to the offended party. When challenged the gentleman gained the right to shoot to satisfy animosity, whilst his opponent would not attempt o kill him in return. However, by the 1840s, the constant avoidance of harm in duels led a society that was disinterested and unsatisfactory to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Great Compromiser

    We had our pistols ready for the duel. I felt nervous because my life would could be lost after this, but I have been in a duel before and I felt that Randolph would not defeat me. “Pht!” I heard the sound of a pistol fire. Randolph fired before it started, I thought it must have been a misfire. We then both fired, but missed. We…

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  • The Test Of Fate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    “Two households, both alike in dignity (in fair Verona, where we lay our scene), from ancient grudge break to new mutiny,” (Prologue.1-3.7). Players must “duel” in order to decide who goes first. This duel consists of playing rock, paper, scissors. In order to win the duel, a player must win two out of three. In Romeo and Juliet, there are many duels between characters: “Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me. Therefore turn and draw,” (3.2.67-68.119). Also, each team…

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  • Essay On Present Day America

    At the beginning of the novel, the reader finds it hard to comprehend present day America as a small and weak nation. That view is because of the way that the USA is viewed today. Present day, the USA is viewed as a strong and powerful country because if its backing by countless allies and the amount of nuclear bombs it holds in its power. Since the USA holds so much power nowadays, the reader would assume that the country had also been like this. However, Joseph Ellis does provide the reader…

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  • The Courage Of Courage Movie Analysis

    Feraud feels that he must kill D’Hubert to satisfy himself. He continues to attempt to duel D’Hubert, even if he must end up dead because of it. The director in the movie skillfully captures Feraud’s sense of integrity. From their first duel, Feraud demonstrates a high level of confidence. He engages in each duel convinced that he will win. The movie depicts this in a way that a book never can. Just from looking at Feraud’s face, a viewer can tell…

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