Summary Of Thomas Fleming's Duel Alexander Hamilton

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Thomas Fleming's Duel: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and the Future of America, is a book that tells the story of Burr vs Hamilton. The book begins in the year 1804 with a short comparison between Burr and Hamilton. Hamilton created a self-goal to achieve fame but in order to do so all of his actions had to be moral and not damage his reputation. Ironically fighting a duel would be the last thing Hamilton could afford to do, especially since he had opposed them and lost his eldest son in a duel. Burr wished to become the new napeoploen and seize control of the lousiana area, but when he ran for goerner of new york hamilton bad mouthed him. As revenge burr challanged hamilton to a duel and killed him. Sadly, honestly burr and hamilton could have been friends however politics can make even the most inteliigent of men evil.
Despite the quarrels they had Burr and Hamilton shared many similarities. Both were highly respected military officials, in boatloads of debt, and politically hard headed. Hamilton supported the Federalist Party; however he
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However through out the book Aaron burr is focus on more and is shone I a more positive light than hamilton. Even though burr truly was the villian in history fleming compares the two in order to put on the same level in terms of morality whenin truth they were not on the same level at all. Then fleming uses jealousy to bad mouth hamilton stating that burrs realtionship with the federalist made hamilton uncomfortable. Near the end fleming attempts to persaude the reader into beleving that hamilton crossed the line by bad mouthing burr during his run for governer and also looks to fool readers into feeling pitty in burr due to the fact he had to run in exile. With all this fleming also fails to acknolegde many of the crimes burr has commited. With all of these factors it is obvoius that fleming favored

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