Description: The Duel From Electric Dreams '

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Artifact 1: The Duel from “Electric Dreams” (Steve Barron. 1984)
Description: Madeline Robistat (Virginia Madsen) is practicing on her cello in her apartment for a later Orchestra performance she has. An advanced computer owned by Miles Harding ( Lenny Von Dohlen), her neighbor, who lives in the apartment just right below. As Madeline starts to practice on her Cello, the computer while being left on by Miles begins to repeat the tunes that she created using electronic computer sounds that fascinated Madeline; while the computer is repeating the bass clefs without using a cello Madeline thinks that it was her neighbor Miles who was doing so. Madeline continues to play her cello while enjoying the tunes the computer made, she ends her practice
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They end up losing their minds and driving up to an open field looking like a gang with a bat about to beat someone to death and destroy that printer while enjoying the show.
Act: Samir, Michael, and Peter run out of patience and destroy the office printer after having enough of the paper jams and udon work.
Agency: In order to destroy the printer with complete closure, they make sure to use a bat to loosen their anger while smashing the printer.
Agent: Samir, Peter, and Michael; the three office workers who have had enough of a silly and slow printer.
Scene: an open field surrounded by tall trees, middle of (nowhere).
Purpose: The three office workers are fed up with the printer, and they all drive up to the area to destroy that printer once and for all.

Artifact 3: "It's Someplace That Does a Thing" from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry,
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The action (playing the cello) was appropriate for the agent to do in a quiet and private setting (an empty apartment). Meanwhile, the Scene-act ratio in the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” Clementine’s character is almost similar; her quiet interaction with Joel and the way she used a quiet tone while talking to the boyfriend whom she seemed to date was all determined by the demands of the library and the rule of being quiet. Here we see how the scene (The library) determined how Joel and Clementine interacted silently together. In the clip from the movie “Office Space”, the Scene-act ratio is shown the most through the way the agents make great use of setting to determine their act; the three office workers are in an open field and the setting along with the bat and their angry expressions control the actions they made while destroying the printer. Also, the Agency-act ratio is shown most here when the bat determines the action the agents will do which cause vandalism and destruction to the printer. Also through the Act-agency, the action aimed at was destroying the printer which required a

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