The Duel By Joseph J. Ellis: The Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers relationship between each other and the American People
The founding fathers, if you grew up in America you likely have heard of them. Joseph J. Ellis’s book focuses on a few of the founding fathers lives and struggles. The first chapter, called The Duel, highlights the confrontation between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr which ended in Hamilton dying of a fatal wound. What happened is Burr, who was tired of Hamilton fiddling with his political career based off of their different political views. Once Hamilton was challenged he couldn’t say no because that would ruin his honor, but so would losing. They met up on July 11th (FIND YEAR) at (FIND PLACE) and Hamilton got to choose the gun cause he was challenged, the gun he choose had a very sensitive trigger which Burr was not aware of. They paced 10 paces away from each other and two shots were fired. Once the smoke cleared Hamilton was laying on the ground. The injury he sustained was fatal with all of their medical advancements, and would very likely be fatal even with today’s technology. The next day Hamilton passed away and Burr’s reputation was forever affected. Chapter two was about the dinner at Jefferson’s house which lead to the fiscal plan Hamilton
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These two men were very close friends up until when they both ran for president after Washington retired. Their friendship became frayed once Adams became president and Jefferson the vice president. It is during this presidency where the vice president became almost unimportant politically, only there for the congress and if the president dies. After Jefferson won presidency after Adams neither talked to each other for over ten years. They made up over time and became close friends again. On July 4th, 1826, on the 50 year anniversary of independence Jefferson and Adams – the last two living founding brother- both died within five hours of each

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