What Is The Difference Between Thomas Hamilton And The Federalists

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One of the most important opposition in American history were between, two of the greatest Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. These two leaders greatly influenced the political and governmental aspects of America. Their views and beliefs, set up the fundamental structure, which developed into two of the most dominant political parties. Both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, presented the Democratic Republican beliefs. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson 's protege, Alexander Hamilton led the Federalist. Even though it may seem like presidents Jefferson and Madison are strongly devoted to their political party, they sometimes showed slight agreement with ideas of the Federalist Hamilton. Although, these two political groups mainly disagree over governmental structure, Jeffersonians ' action toward the Barbary Pirates, Embargo Act, and a switch in attitudes indicated sign of Federalists beliefs. …show more content…
The Federalists believed in "loose interpretation" meaning that ideas can be brought from the Constitution, but doesn 't have to be directly implied. This can be contrasted with Jeffersonians ' view of "strict interpretation", meaning everything has to be directed stated to be consider constitutional. Jefferson addressed this by stating "I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground,"(Doc. A). Jefferson believed the American structure should directly represent the Constitution. One example of opposing

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