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  • Benefits Of Bottled Water

    Both bottled water and tap water have their own benefits, such as bottled water with its accessibility and portability and tap water with accessibility and reduction of contaminants. However, these solutions for safe drinking water have been countered with their own concerns, such as unsustainable production and lack of purity. Hence, reusable filter water bottles were created to tackle the obstacles of contaminants, accessibility, and portability. An issue with both…

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  • Essay On Minimum Legal Age

    conducted to educate the society on the benefits of reducing the legal age to 18. This initiative used responsibility as their base of argument because they believed that when people are allowed to do something like drinking alcohol, they become more responsible and engage in responsible drinking. The policy that was used focused on helping young people make their decision regarding alcohol so as to reduce over-consumption and possible impacts on the consumer. The Lawful Age 21 has not met its…

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  • Social Drink Music Essay

    well as embarrassing moments. I choose this song as I felt it was an accurate representation of how alcohol is viewed in our society. Most of the time, drinking occurs in a social context, either in a bar with friends or at a party, which is depicted in the song video. Drinking in these situations is considered normal in our society. Plus, drinking while having a good time is a reason why many people y tie alcohol and feeling good together subconsciously, which is probably why many people…

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  • H. L. Mencken's 'Portrait Of An Ideal World'

    (1920), he presents the idea that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol will have salutary effects on people because it brings out characteristics of “amiability, generosity, toleration, humor, and sympathy”. Mencken modestly proposes that people should drink enough so that “half-stewed, they would be ten times genial, and perhaps at least half as efficient” compared to a sober person. He effectively appeals to his readers by stating many reasons as to why drinking a small amount of alcohol is…

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  • The Dangerous Lurking In Just One Analysis

    I agree with the author’s purpose in the article “The Danger Lurking in Just One” by Jeannie Ralston. The author’s message is that teen drinking is very dangerous, even if it is only one drink. Teen drinking is harmful to teens because it affects your brain development, how your brain alerts you when in danger. For example, it affects how the frontal lobe is developed. “Not since you were a toddler learning to walk and talk has there been a more important time for brain development than your…

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  • Reflective Essay On Molson's Poem

    It was a Thursday night, the wind was cold and the air was brisk. Just like the great maple-crisped Canadian Molson I was drinking that night. I was walking along the dark gray pavement, my knees buckled as my head began to spin and I collapsed upon the ground. I knew I had a few too many to drink that night. I realized I was already in my cerebral palsy stage of the night (Wolf on Wall Street), stumbling from left to right, barely able to maintain my balance. I managed to some-how get back to…

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  • Water Vs Bottled Water Essay

    For some people it is not a choice, it 's a must. For example, in Mexico the drinking water can be highly polluted. That is why, when visiting Mexico, they warn people not to drink out of the faucet. This is due to the fact that, in some parts the water is polluted and according to the website Country Facts, in the article Water Pollution…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    “Alcoholism: the disease that makes you too selfish to see the havoc you created and care about the people you shattered.” Alcoholism is an addiction to consuming alcohol and the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting on depending on alcohol. Approximately 16.3 million people in the United States are affected by this horrible illness, not including the minors that abuse alcohol. Although alcoholism is a difficult problem, there are various treatments to help individuals overcome their…

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  • The Three Main Stages Of Alcoholic

    Alcoholism Most people can stop drinking after one or two alcoholic beverages, but some people however, cannot stop and are at great risk of alcoholism. Alcohol does not just effect a person physically, but also affects them mentally. Excessive drinking over an extended period of time can make the human body dependent on alcohol, and start to make the brain unstable. After a person continues to drink over an extended period of time, he or she requires alcohol just to feel normal and go about…

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  • Client Case Conceptualization

    Client reported she lost her job do to her being alcoholic. Client reported she will drink in the morning before her shift at the country club in Delevan which she will take a couple of shots of vodka. Client reported she did this every day and her drinking did not interfere…

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