Controversial Social Issues: Lowering The Drinking Age

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Hello, class, I am Dr. Amelie Scotsman and I will be your teacher this semester. I am a behavioral psychologist and have taught students for the last 16 years. I got my degree at New York University, but you all probably don’t care about any of this. Let’s get to the point. This semester we will focus on controversial social issues. For our first lecture, we are going to discuss lowering the drinking age. Think about this, all of you kids can vote, drive a car, fight for our country, and even fly a plane at age 18, so why shouldn 't you be able to legally drink alcohol? Admittedly, alcohol may cause harmful effects on your body and brain while under the age of 21, but prohibiting the sale of alcohol to responsible young adults causes a huge increase in college campus drinking, raises the …show more content…
First, while under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse. Forty-four percent of sexually active Massachusetts teenagers said they were more likely to have sexual intercourse if they had been drinking, and 17 percent said they were less likely to use condoms after drinking.(Early Alcohol...) Could you imagine letting your daughter go out to a party then finding out a month later that she had gotten pregnant because she had accidently gotten a little too drunk and couldn’t control herself, but then again that is a reason why alcohol age needs to be lowered. Teenagers haven’t learned how to drink responsibly causing them to get into terrible situations like this. Secondly, as a behavior psychologist, I have heard my share of stories about kids who were around 18 and had not yet hit puberty and I know this probably shocks most of you, but you need to consider that these teenagers started

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