Making Better Choices Two Approaches To Reducing College Drinking Summary

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RESPONSE PAPER In Dwight Haynes essay, “Making Better Choices, Two Approaches to Reducing College Drinking”, the author point out the significant consequences and effects that heavy drinking has on college students. The effects can change ones’ behavior, leading to life altering consequences such as, involvement in criminal activity, injuries, and in some cases, death. Heavy drinking among college students has risen significantly within the past couple of decades, raising concern among many college officials. Due to this concern, colleges have begun to implement two different forms of strategy, aimed at curbing heavy alcohol consumption among college students. The first strategy touched upon is to divert students away from heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages. This strategy is “Social norm marketing” (Hayes, 1). The second strategy the …show more content…
Students need to be aware of the effects that heavy alcohol drinking will have on them. If a student chooses to partake in heavy alcohol drinking, they choose responsibility for their actions and behavior when they make this choice. Although the “Social norm strategy”, (Hayes, 1), had some results, I believe the “Environmental strategy is the better of the two. To make a difference, you have to involve and be involved. Communities need to come together, and enforce the laws set up by our state, cities, colleges, and-universities. To help curb heavy alcohol drinking among college students, these laws need to be enforced. It will also help decrease the amount of alcohol consumed by students, leading to a safer, healthier community as a whole. Purpose: Submit a summary of the article, “Making Better Choices: Two Approaches to Reducing College Drinking.” A summary response: Main points, key points, as well as my opinion regarding the main points. Audience: Our academic and community leaders. People interested in the behavior and well-being of a future

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