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  • Gender Stereotypes In Disney Movies: Movie Analysis

    movies watched, thus increasing our sample size and limiting the potential of our results being due to chance. Additionally, in future studies, researchers could break away from Disney movies and begin to analyze other forms of media outlets such as DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, and Pixar. Then researchers can evaluate whether similar gender stereotypes are present in other media outlets as has been found in Disney media. We did not find these results, but Junn (1997) did. Next, further research can…

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  • Bee Movie Content Analysis

    With the invention of the Internet has come with the creation of a whole new way people express their creativity. A common form of expression on the internet is through the use of fan made content, including things such as fan fiction and memes. In recent months, the 2007 animated film Bee Movie has received much attention on the internet through the use of this fan made content, in particular memes. Many of these memes are about making the film seem even more absurd through editing the film or…

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  • Time Warner Case Study

    and Warner Communications, primarily a producer of film and television pro- gramming. To reduce debt, Time Warner sold 25 percent of Time Warner Entertain- ment (which included HBO, Warner Bros., and part of Time Warner Cable) to Media One Group. In 1996, Time Warner acquired Turner Broadcasting Systems, expanding its cable programming networks significantly. By the end of 1999, Time Warner had revenues in excess of $27 billion and net income of almost $2 billion. In January 2000, AOL and Time…

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  • Ambiguity In Disney Movies

    In total, between the five movies evaluated contained 55 characters of which 40 were males, 14 were females, and one was omitted because of its gender ambiguity. Gender was noted in order to evaluate whether or not there appeared to be differences in behavior between males and females more specifically whether there was gender stereotypical behavior in Disney films. Males are represented in these films far more often according to our results appearing almost 3 times as often as females. This is…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Kmart Company

    Kmart’s Products Next, examining the Kmart’s product will prove helpful in seeing what it currently provides and potential areas where Kmart could invest or divest itself from offering to its consumers. Like most discount department stores, Kmart offers a wide variety of products found in over twenty departments in its stores. Kmart sells almost everything from A to Z. Listing Kmart’s departments alphabetically, they are appliances, automotive, baby items, beauty supplies, books, clothing,…

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  • Avis: Financial Case Study

    Abstract This paper presents a case study on the financial standings of Avis which is a large car rental group. The years 2012, 2013, and 2014 will be used to determine its financial stability. In comparison to Avis we will be using one of its competitors, Hertz Company, along with its 2013 financial information. The purpose of this analysis is to determine which company has a better financial standing and it will also influence our decision on which company will be suitable for investing. This…

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  • Steve Jobs Sparknotes

    It was there that Wozniak came up with the idea for the modern personal computer - keyboard, screen and computer all in one package. While Wozniak initially wanted to give away his design for free, Jobs found a way to profit from Wozniak’s incredible invention. “Every time I’d design something great, Steve would find a way to make money for us,” said Wozniak. With $1300 of start-up capital, Wozniak and Jobs decided to start Apple Computer. Jobs happened to be coming back from an apple…

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  • Netflix Internal Environment Analysis

    TABLE OF CONTENTS NETFLIX, INC. 1 Company Images Montage 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Purpose Statement 2 Company Profile: Netflix, Inc. 3 Industry Profile: Video Tape and Disc Rental 4 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS 8 Resources 8 Capabilities 11 Core Competencies and Distinctive Competencies 14 Value Chain Analysis 17 Weighted Competitive Strength Assessment 30 SWOT Analysis 33 REFERENCES 34 APPENDIX 36…

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