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  • Workplace Interview Reflection Paper

    During this interview I felt my sister and I were ethical in our responses, mostly because we are both very comfortable with each other. In regards to if this were an actual workplace interview, our answers may tend towards a little exaggeration in hopes of landing a new job. Some questions we may have exaggerated on during a real interview would be questions four and five, “When have you failed? Describe what happened and what you learned from it?” and “How do you take advantage of your…

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  • A Successful Interview

    Getting a job can be a life changer, but in order to be hired an interview must be conducted first. No matter how many times a person has been to a job interview it can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be. What a person does before and during an interview can make all the difference. Some steps a person can take to prepare for a successful interview is to be prepared for the interview, dress for success, make a good impression, ask questions, sell yourself, and close the deal. First…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With Tyler

    I arranged to have my interview of Tyler occur on February 15th, 2016 in Corner Brook Newfoundland. The interview took place in my Chalet on Grenfell campus. We were positioned around my bed in as comfortable position as possible which consisted of me sitting on the bed while Tyler knelt on the floor. This area of the Chalet tends to be the quietest spot therefore it made for a better recording and it is a place we both tend to feel quite relaxed in. The interview itself was about contrasting…

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  • Debnam-Carey's Interview

    Interviews are conducted to gather information from and about a person, and usually revolve around a particular context. Vogue Australia’s Zara Wong, in her interview with actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, strives to expose her bubbly personality and talent to a new audience. She describes the actress as “star bright”, and that her “sharp intelligence” is setting “her apart” from other celebrities. She notes that it is what’s “propelling her success in Hollywood”, rather than her “young and…

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  • My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Interviewing

    Interview Analysis The mock interview assignment really helped me identify different strengths and weaknesses in interviewing. This document will be a discussion of my mock interview. I will discuss my strengths during the interview as well as my faults and what I will do in the future to adjust those. I will apply what I learned in this experience to interviews in the future. Perhaps one of the easiest weaknesses to identify in my interview was in my appearance, specifically my hat I forgot…

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  • Making A Murderer Movie Analysis

    Making a Murderer is a documentary series of a person who was wrongly convicted of a murderer that happed eleven years ago in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The documentary was released by Netflix in the United States on December 18, 2015. The film location is in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Moira Demos are an American filmmaker, editor, and producer (IMDB). Laura Ricciardi was a lawyer before working in the film industry (IMDB). They both rose to fame for their documentary and it took ten years…

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  • Video Interview Research Paper

    What you should know about Video Interviews Face-to-face interviews have long been the immediate form of communication between applicants and potential employers. However, these are not always possible, nor are they always practical. This is especially true of applicants who are not local or of businesses with a difficult time scheduling interviews. In many instances, employers turn towards phone interviews instead. This is a common practice for an initial meeting with an applicant or when it…

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  • Larry King And Arnold Interview Analysis

    There are many different techniques to a successful interview. Although proper interviews require participation from each of the two parties, it is fair to say a majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the interviewer. Individual interviewers have their own unique skill set, and those who are proficient are able to adapt to various types of interviewees. Larry King and Tom Arnold are well known public figures who displayed their uniqueness as they each performed information-gathering…

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  • Interviewee Observation Report

    The interview that was selected for this project was from a 60 minutes episode in which Pam Oliver interviewed Victor Cruz, CC Sabathia and the main interviewee the sports executive for Jay-Z ‘s Roc Nation Sports Shawn Costner, also known as Pecas, who is an avid sneaker collector. Pecas has over 1500 pairs of sneakers that consist of autographed, rare releases, customs, and multiple pairs of his favorite sneakers. In this interview Pam used multiple technics to make him feel comfortable and…

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  • Prepare For A Behavioural Interview Analysis

    Interview advice that can improve your job prospects Have you found your dream job? Have you been called in for an interview? Are you wondering what to do next? Then look no further that this guide. The entire interview experience is generally stressful from beginning to end, with it generally unravelling even the most experienced job seekers application. By its nature alone the job interview is gruelling and demanding, but by taking the right steps you can keep such elements under control and…

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