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  • Professional Interview Reflection

    On Thursday, October 8th, I attended the seminar on how to successfully interview at Career Services. The seminar was done by Brian Creed. During the presentation I learned many tips on what to do during a professional interview. Some things I already knew but there was a lot of information that was new to me. I believe it is very important to know how to make your interview as successful as possible; especially since soon I will be apart of many interviews as I join the work force. The seminar…

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  • Summary: Why Employers Use Interviews

    In this article, the authors demonstrated that research could also benefit candidates, not just the employers. Employers use the interview strategy to find a candidate with specific skills who is qualified when the job requirements change instead of a likeable person. By knowing some interview styles, and strategies can help candidates in their job research, which is the purpose of this article. Why do Employers Use Interviews? The authors then started to explain why employers like to use this…

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  • Community Interview Reflection

    My Critique After looking back on my community interview, there were a couple of things I noticed. One thing was that I did a pretty good job using attending and SOLER skills. I kept eye contact for the majority of the interview, I kept my body open, and I refrained from creating barriers between myself and the interviewee. These are all things I have been working hard on, and am happy to see some improvements. Another thing was that I tried to use some reflective listening and summaries. At…

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  • Reality And Forms Of Media Essay

    The relationship between reality and forms of media has been obscured for many years. Most of the time, what viewers depict as reality is selected and framed situations chosen by producers and editors in reality televisions shows and documentaries. Satire uses irony, ridicule and humorous themes to discuss important issues in the world such as gender discrimination in the workplace. The following will demonstrate how media forms have framed reality and its impact on viewers’ perceptions of…

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  • Symbolism In Jesus Camp

    Jesus Camp is a documentary film released in 2006 where directors Hedi Ewing and Rachel Grady document the events of an Evangelical children 's camp located near Devils Lake, North Dakota. The documentary focuses on the camp its self and the Evangelical Movement, but also on its leader, Becky Fischer, and three of the children in the documentary, Levi, Rachel, and Tory. This film is meant to provide a supposed un-biased look into the camp, and also the Evangelical faith its self. Clearly however…

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  • Awareness Of Violence Study Guide

    Objectives: • Define what violence is and how it affects women, children and in the family. • Introduce the film • Watch documentary relating to Awareness of Violence • Questions & Discussion • Discuss Safety Procedures • List of churches in community, willing to help women and families Materials: • A location, School gym, Church building or Auditorium room • Big Screen • Screen Projector • The film relating to Awareness of Violence • Chairs & tables • PowerPoint Presentation • DVD Player…

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  • Flaherty's Influence Of Nanook Of The North By Robert Faherty

    Robert Flaherty is cited in creating the first documentary, with Nanook of the North, made in 1922, this film was wildly successful and generated obsession around this new genre documenting real people. Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson eventually adapted this filmic practice as a tool for documenting cultures for scientific purposes, founding the field of visual anthropology. Flaherty and Mead’s influence can be tracked to filmmaker John Marshall, who challenged the paradigms of spectacle and…

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  • Importance Of Ethnographic Film

    The evolutional emergence of ethnographic film is believed to have begun with the foundation of documentary film. In 1922, filmmaker Robert Flaherty released the first documentary, Nanook of the North. This narrative documentary film essentially led to generic conventions that documentaries then developed over decades (Fisher 13 September), despite its portrayal of its subjects as spectacle. Soon, film had also found its way into the anthropological world. Anthropologist Margaret Mead and her…

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  • Armadillo Film Analysis

    Armadillo, (Mentz, 2010) is a Danish documentary focusing on a small platoon of soldiers as they go to Afghanistan to complete a tour of duty. Directed by Danish filmmaker Janus Metz, and photographed by Lars Skree, the men spent six months with the troops at their base called Armadillo in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. Armadillo is a film revealing the young volunteers experiences of the highs and lows of combat. This essay will discuss the filmmaker’s techniques and the various ways in…

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  • Morality Tv And Loving Jihad

    When Anand Patwardhan, popularly known for his socio-economic and human rights oriented films like Bombay Our City (1985), entered the realm of documentary filmmaking in 1971, he challenged the institutions dominating Indian documentary film production, distribution and censorship. Whereas when Paromita Vohra, acclaimed for her documentaries on urban life, popular culture and gender like Morality TV and Loving Jihad (2007), entered much later, in 1995 she had to deal with a completely different…

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