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  • Case Study: Saudi Arabia Vs. The Globe

    igure 13. Saudi Arabia vs. The Globe (Nelson Complexity Index) Saudi Arabian refineries stand at 6.0, i.e. below the global average of 7.9. The reason for low NCI is because historically Saudi Arabian focus was on upstream business and refineries have been an addition to meet local demand. In the past couple of decades, the demand has grown significantly requiring more complex refineries. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision to be self-sufficient and net exporter of fuels in the future…

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  • Corn Grit Agar

    C-6 (δH 3.95), one terminal methyl group at C-15 (δH 0.86; δC 14.0), a double bond between C-5 and C-6 (δH 5.39 and 5.55; δC 129.20 and 131.27) and an oxygenated methine at C-6 (δH 3.51; δC 69.37).The COSY spectra revealed an open-chain guanidine derivative with a double bond at C5–C6. The COSY correlations, marked as bold in the structure, showed cross peaks between the signals of the hydroxy group proton and the methine proton at C-8 as well as between protons from C-5 to C-9 and from the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Birthright Citizens

    jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside,” (ratified 07/09/1868, 1). Per one of the lectures in GOVT 2305 - 71502, “a person can become a citizen of the United States through birthright citizenship, derivative citizenship, or naturalization,”(Professor Echols, 09/06/2016, 2). Being a citizen means that a person has access to resources and benefits that other people who are non-citizens may not have. The benefits that come with being a citizen…

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  • Nursing Theory: The Use Of Nursing Theories In Practice

    particular concept for the improvement of: patient safety, care, organization workflow and design, advances in technology and nursing informatics, nursing leadership and the way in which future and current nurses are educated. As each theory is a derivative of something else, the use of a grand versus middle-range theory is determined by the type of issue that is…

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  • Coombs Test Lab Report

    Introduction There are multiple Immunological techniques or tests used for starting and measuring an immune response (1). Antibodies and antigens found in our immune system is done by immunoassays (2). The majority of immunological tests are based on the adaptive immune system. Substances recognized by our immune system are antigens. Injections are done by a trained health care professional to test for an immune response. The antibodies work together to fight antigens. Immunologists can inject…

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  • Analysis Of An Essay On Human Understanding By John Locke

    This is because, as shown above, Locke believes that ideas exist prior to language. In fact, language is derivative of ideas, as the words that make up the language only exist in so far as to express a certain thought. If a word were to represent something other than an idea that is held in a mind, then that would result in confusion, as there would be no meaning…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy And Nuclear Energy

    This is not a difficult question to answer. Using Nuclear energy is just like purchasing a high-return but a high-risk derivative in the stock market. However, do all of us really eager to take such risk? Certainly not! Most people are risk adverse. Therefore, nuclear energy should be eliminated when other alternative energy sources have been fully developed. Another famous…

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  • Subcultural Theories Of Crime Essay

    The last of the major subcultural theories of crime was developed by Marvin Wolfgang and Franco Ferracuti in 1967, termed ‘the subculture of violence thesis’. This subcultural theory of crime was relatively different that the ones discussed thus far, and this was due to it being developed almost a decade later when new concerns had developed within the subcultural study of crime. The authors’ primary concern was not to establish that there is a subculture of violence, but to outline what the…

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  • Classifying LSD And Psilocybin: The Hallucinogen Case Study

    Ultimately, intense modifications in the sensorium, the sense of “self,” and the experience of reality are all experienced throughout the phase up until the presence of the hallucinogen is no longer present in the body (Volkow 2016, Alonso 2015). A very similar process occurs when a dissociative drug is ingested, like PCP (Phencyclidine), ketamine, and dextromethorphan, but instead, events of respiratory depression, heart rate abnormalities, and a withdrawal syndrome can occur while the user…

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  • Dreams: Freud And Freud's Theory Of Dreams

    “In the waking state, the left hemisphere appears ‘in control’ because the subject’s actions seem governed by instructions, words, and their derivatives…Matters are different in the dream state. In the dream state, affects, emotions, actions, interactions, emergent events, and the possible and the impossible are embodied in dream sequences and scenarios” (van d. D., 1996, p. 260). Because of this…

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