Theobromine Essay

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Chocolate is a typically sweet food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds. Theobromine was first discovered by the Russian chemist Alexander Woskresensky in 1841 in cacao beans. Theobromine belongs to a class of alkaloid molecules known as methylxanthines. The purpose of this essay is demonstrating the chemistry of the theobromine as well as its effects and uses. This essay will include the overview of the structure and chemistry of theobromine. Secondly, the effects of theobromine in human and animal health will be discussed. Finally, this essay will examine the positive and negative implications in the different uses that theobromine could have.
Theobromine is the primary alkaloid present in cocoa and chocolate. It belongs to a class of alkaloid molecules known as methylxanthines (Argout et al, 2011). The “ine” ending in the name indicates the "free base" nature of the molecule. It shares a similar structure to other purine and xanthine derivative known as caffeine, with the difference that it
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Studies indicate that theobromine acts on the nerve which runs from the lungs to the brain (Uni Assignment Centre, 2015). Theobromine is also known as a diuretic, which promotes the removal of excess fluids accumulated in the body from edema, or the flushing of excess salts through the increase production of urine (Judelson, 2013). Another use of theobromine could be as a vasodilator, which expands blood vessels and improves blood flow (Usmani et al, 2004). This helps reduce blood pressure. Finally, the use of theobromine in chocolate is essential. Dark chocolates, unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder contain more theobromine than milk chocolate and chocolate syrups. For example, a 43g Hershey 's milk chocolate bar contains about 64mg of theobromine. In comparison, a 41g of Hershey 's special dark chocolate contains about 176mg of

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