Marilu Henner's Diet

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What one consumes daily affects their health in various ways. There are numerous factors that influence ones diet such as emotions, body image, and convince. The media influences diet choices as well providing television commercial, magazine articles, books, and other dieting fads, tips, and tricks. People want to lose weight fast without being uncomfortable with lifestyle changes that come along with it. One of these books is Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover ten steps to your B.E.S.T. (Balance, energy, stamina, and toxin-free) Body written by Marilu Henner and Laura Morton.

Henner’s book is easy to follow and to understand. The book is focused on becoming a healthier individual through life style changes instead of losing weight quickly. This plan is meant to be a permanent diet and life style change. Henner talks about balancing the foods one consumes. She has a scale which includes expansive and contractive foods then breaks it down into plant derivatives, plant foods, and contractive foods. During this chapter the main focus is on balancing ones diet which we know is essential to overall health. The information on balancing includes dieting planning principles in which the text book includes like adequacy, kcalorie control, nutrient density,
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Henner has no nutrition credentials. She is a well-known actress who has been on television and in theater for over thirty years. Henner began the writing portion of her career in the late 1900’s. The majority of her books are about health and fitness. She has done hours of research and is considered a reliable source. Some of the content in her books is based off personal experience. Henner has spoken to the government, organizations and in classrooms about health and fitness. It is debatable if Henner should be dispensing information regarding dieting and overall health, however her options have been received with open arms and

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