Part 2 Diet Analysis

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Richie Harkenrider
Diet Analysis Paper Part 2
Nutrition is extremely important in living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping an eye on your personal daily nutrition values and intake is vital to an effective diet. After analyzing my diet over a period of time, I was finally able to give myself an overall grade for each of the six core nutritional concept. After finally completing the first part of the Diet Analysis Project, I was able to see precisely what foods and nutrients I was taking in, along with the ones I was not. Part two allowed me to break down my diet even further and see what recommendations I should incorporate into my diet. Living in a high technological world now, we expect immediate solutions to long-term problems. Unfortunately that is not how it works.
Major components of having an adequate diet is, when you choose the foods, what you choose to eat must provide all the essential nutrients, such as fibers and energy in amounts that maintain health and support growth. With that being said, I would give myself a C in this category after reviewing my food and nutrient reports. There were just way too many food groups and essential nutrients that I was not meeting.
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Making sure you have enough essential nutrients, and energy sources. Also not too much of any one type of food, the diet must contain the right mixture of nutrients provided for a recommended healthy diet. According to my reports I was far from being balanced in this category, I would give myself a C-. As I stated above, I barely ate any types of fruit and vegetables, which is key to a balancing your diet. Although there was no specific target on my report, I did not eat nearly enough fruits, which would also contribute to a poor balanced diet. I also ate a little too much refined grains and not nearly enough whole grains other than my whole grain cereal in the

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