The Positive Role Of Eating Disorders In Today's Society

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Individuals are consistently striving to fit into today’s society. The actions they take to be a part of society can create devastating effects for their bodies. Although there are multitudes of actions one may take in order to perceive acceptance, dieting is known to be the root of numerous health defects in one’s future. In fact, teenagers are looking for new ways to improve self-esteem which can lead to unhealthy eating styles (Guernsey). Many factors contribute towards an individual desire to go on a diet. People either want to watch their weight due to obesity, insecurities, or physical conditions (Dieting Basics). Although dieting may be viewed as a positive impact towards one’s health, it can also lead to the downfall of one’s well-being …show more content…
Some examples of dieting may include a plant-based diet and fad diets. Individuals continuously strive to take part in the trend of dieting due to the positive results that follow; however, they do not recognize the negative impacts of each diet. There are many challenges that follow each specific diet. For example, the challenges of a vegetarian diet are to have enough protein and vitamin B in one 's diet as well as to not consume a multitude of processed food, carbs and sugars (Anisman-Reiner). '"The most dramatic change to the diet is being vegan rather than the raw element, because you are cutting out two huge food groups. This affects vitamin D and protein."’(Mann). Due to the lack of diversity in foods that vegetarians can consume, they must search for other ways to receive the nutrients their bodies need in order to function. Therefore, a vegetarian diet may be extremely dangerous if there is an insufficiency of balanced nutrients. For instance, high protein foods are present from meat, but vegetarians have to get their essential amino acids from another source to maintain a balanced diet (Anisman-Reiner). Because of the deficiency in certain food groups, one’s health can be negatively impacted. It is extremely difficult for vegetarians to get fuel from food in order for the body to function due the scarce food groups they can choose from. Consumption of necessary nutrients for one 's body is challenging for …show more content…
Fad diets do not have the efficient amount of nutrients that are essential towards one 's health (Maynard). A fad diet can be seen as a weight loss plan which can result in intense results (“Nutrition for Weight Loss”). Fad diets are considered to be an unhealthy choice for an individual’s journey for weight loss. Weight loss treatments are also negatively affecting one 's health. “While weight loss diets and products long have been promoted as a permanent cure for obesity, they rarely produce long-lasting results” (Smith). Fad diets are not recommended by many, due to the unhealthy results that follow. However, there is a constant promotion of dieting to be placed on trial. “Because the diet industry preys on the low self-esteem and negative body image of both fat and average-size Americans, it will continue to profit, regardless of the caveats required by government regulation”(Smith). Those who promote dieting do not illustrate the side effects that follow the concept of dieting. Therefore, it is difficult for humans to consider the dismissive effects of dieting. Although fad diets may be seen to allow an individual to become healthier and have efficient results, it can actually lead to the downfall of one’s well-being. There is a lack of nutrients in diets which can lead to negative health

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