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  • Professional Responsibility: My Five Core Values

    Throughout the course the material presented has made professional responsibility a key concept that I think about everyday. A firm understanding of professional responsibility allows students to make ethical decisions when faced with dilemmas. This has been the focus of module one and two with three allowing us to connect these ideas to a larger societal picture. To begin, my five core values are family, ambition, accountability, integrity, and commitment. These values are the most important to…

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  • Nordstrom Marketing Strategy

    The three Faces of Consumer Promotions: Economic, Informative and Affective Sales Promotion is a large part of the marketing budget worldwide. Consumer promotion accounts for almost a quarter of the marketing budget. There are many ways retailers and manufacturers induce consumers to repeat purchase and brand switching. Types of promotional tools include coupons, sweepstakes, competitions, price discounts around calendar events (e.g., Christmas Sale, President’s Day Sale), annual discount…

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  • Community C Reflection Essay

    Introduction: The events survived by Community C from my perspective are successful. As a member of Community C, I was allowed to participate and assist in all decisions that were made. The tax system that we chose as a group was the Straight Forward Tax. We felt like this tax system was a quick, simple, and effective way to put money back in the pockets of our middle class families and give our employers incentives to create new jobs; thereby, growing our economy. We did not change our tax…

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  • Case Study: United Airlines

    The term “ethics” is commonly referred to as a branch of philosophy that involves a number of different aspects relating to various concepts of right and wrong conduct. These include systematizing, defending, and recommending different ways of action in an ethically correct manner (Webster, 2017). This idea was put to the test during early April of 2017. United Airlines faced a number of charges after a man claiming he was being profiled for being Chinese, was forcibly removed from his seat by…

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  • Freedom Vs Determinism

    Determinism vs Freedom When discussing anything philosophical it is easy to find problems. These problems are usually one's perspective on the argument or experiment. In this case it is determinism vs freedom is the problem. These views can be one sided depending on the views of the writer. I lean towards the freedom part but I will try to stay as neutral as possible. Determinism is belief that all events even human actions are predetermined. Many philosophers say that this implies that we as…

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  • Patient Ethical Dilemma Case

    competent to make decisions about their own care. The patient in the case, Mr. Howe was asked to make a lifesaving medical decision while in duress and not fully understanding the procedure and the potential outcome if he refused. In this case I believe the physician made the correct decision to intubate Mr. Howe against his explicit instructions not to. The physician made a determination that the patient was not accurately expressing his wishes as if he was of sound mind. This is decision to…

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  • Human Cloning: A Possible Scenario In The Future

    1. What is the main issue portrayed in the movie? Do you think it will be a possible scenario in the future? Please share your group’s opinion on the matter. The main issue portrayed in the movie is human cloning. In our group’s opinion, we believe that human cloning will be a possible scenario in the future. From our opinion, the main reason for us to believe that human cloning will be a possible scenario in the future is because of the rapid development of modern science and technology and…

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  • Causes Of Ethical Dilemmas

    The term of ethical dilemmas is one which has been defined many times, as suggested by Oxford Dictionaries “A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two courses of action, either of which entails transgressing a moral principle.” (Oxford Dictionaries | English, 2017) Therefore, this suggests that one has a choice to make and two courses of actions can have different impacts with the overall moral principle in mind. The purpose of this essay is to therefore discuss different…

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  • Groupthink Case Study

    Janis (1972) initially introduced the term Groupthink and explained that it happened when a group makes a decision that may be incorrect due to group pressure and a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing and moral judgment”. Groups are often most susceptible to Groupthink when it’s members are from similar backgrounds and when the group does not receive opinions from anyone impartial outside of the group. These groups often take foolish actions that dehumanize others and ignore…

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  • Theory X: Autocratic Style Of Leadership

    Theory X supposes that workers are normally not motivated and don’t like working, and it encourages an autocratic style of leadership. It is state that management must operatively happen to finish things done. This style of management supposes that employees don’t like to work, stay away from responsibility and need to be instructed, need to be managed; pressurized; and frighten to bring what it is needed, need to be directed with controls, need to be attracted to make results. Theory Y supposes…

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