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  • Ambiguity Prejudice

    authors used this test to identify how racist decisions affected the results of the test. Thus, the dependent variable was cognitive ability and it was measured by the Stroop test. The participants of this study were required to help and human resources manager decided whether or not to change the way they make hiring decisions. They had to help decide if the human resources officer should make collaborative hiring decisions or solo hiring decisions. They were then given four job candidates and…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Three Leadership Styles

    styles is the level and location of control. At one extreme is the autocratic leader, which makes independent decisions on how to proceed. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are laissez faire leaders, which have a hands-off approach and allows the subordinates to make all the decisions. However, the democratic leader is the medium of the three, which allows more input of the decision making process for his or subordinates. At one extreme there is the autocratic leadership, who can take…

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  • Personal Identity Stereotyping Paper

    times, the answers to these questions change many times, before a final decision is made. Other times the decision may be made by someone other than the teen themselves. As a young adolescent, the most common identity statuses are diffusion and foreclosure. In the foreclosure and diffusion it is common for the young adolescent to either avoid making choices (diffusion) or to be…

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  • My Personal Decision-Making Process

    make the best decisions possible in a timely manner. These decisions could be seen, for example when a manager has to hire someone from a group of potential employees, allocating resources, and adjusting to new obstacles. I believe I have some of the quality needed by a manager. I posses technical (technology), conceptual, and soft skills. The certificates I have obtained in my field back up my technical skills. I have an eye for being able to see the overall consequences of my decision and not…

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  • Persian Gulf Case Study

    Principal Decisions. The group decided to take three principle actions involving the use of military forces in the Persian Gulf. Our first decision was in response to Iran smuggling automatic rifles and hand held rocket launchers in Saudi Arabia to aid Saudi rebels. The Joint Chief of Staff recommended a higher military presence. As a result, the President ordered 120 special ops to move secretly and strategically into Dhahran to counter the influx of light arms. The next decision was in…

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  • Ethical Dilemma In School

    points would be the morally right thing to do, but giving this student points and not to the rest of the classes would be unfair. The best way to find the higher right in this ethical dilemma would be to categorize which dilemma you have, find the decision principle fits best, and finally…

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  • The Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Extending A Life

    director of Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and Center bioethics director, considers medical decision making, or reasoning, based upon cost burden. Recent health directives word this as, “excessive expense,” or use words such as “disproportionate means of preserving life” (McClean, 2011). However, careful considerations are necessary when it comes to rising health care costs, medical-decision making, decisions on prolonging-life, or end-of-life care, no matter if an individual, family, or…

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  • Ethics: Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Ethics

    understanding and applying. Understanding is when you are able to summarize and explain an idea in your own words which helps you to remember and understand things better. Applying is when you produce results by completing tasks, meeting goals, making decisions, or solving problems. The fourth and fifth steps describe analyzing and evaluating. Analyzing means you can take apart an idea and put it into parts, groups, or steps. This step is followed by evaluating which is when you rate the…

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  • Case Study Autocratic I (Ai)

    immediately available to them to resolve issues (Bartol, Tein, Matthews, Sharma and Scott-Ladd, 2011, pg 326). The leader resolves the issue or makes the decision without input from group members. With regard results, the issue would likely be resolved quickly given that no consultation is required, but without such input the leader’s decision may not necessarily be the most appropriate and there would be little or no “buy-in” from the group whose endorsement may help ensure the solution is…

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  • Cialdini's Operation Mincemeat: Psychological Analysis

    Some of the psychological principles Cialdini introduces were apparent in the planning and execution of Operation Mincemeat. There are three that come to mind right off the back, such as commitment and consistency, liking, and authority. Other weapons of influence might have leverage, but those three stand out the most. According to Cialdini, commitment and consistency is when others make a small request that pave the way to compliance with larger subsequent requests. On the other hand, liking…

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