Professional Responsibility: My Five Core Values

Throughout the course the material presented has made professional responsibility a key concept that I think about everyday. A firm understanding of professional responsibility allows students to make ethical decisions when faced with dilemmas. This has been the focus of module one and two with three allowing us to connect these ideas to a larger societal picture.
To begin, my five core values are family, ambition, accountability, integrity, and commitment. These values are the most important to me because they all translate to being professionally responsible and are all positive values that will translate to long and short term success within job shadow, internship, post graduation career opportunities. In addition, these values are important
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However, the 2MC allowed me to truly understand the importance of professional responsibility. These situations presented me with real life situations that I may or may have encountered already or will encounter. This allows me to become accustomed to asking myself the questions that are essential to making the correct decision when facing dilemmas. In addition, the 2MC allowed me to understand that simple things contribute to being professionally responsible. For example, the 2MC discussing if you would run a stop sign late at night. In this situation you may be in a rush or feel no need to stop, but these reasons do not justify running a stop sign. Sure, no one is looking but professional responsibility relates to things that you do when people are not watching you as well. However, I did not always think this way about professional responsibility. Coming into the semester, I always thought about things in the short term. I would have ran a stop sign at two in the morning and attempted to justify this decision before this class. Now, I would do the opposite because my professional brand and values are important and I understand the decisions I make now affect my brand, and the professional I am working toward …show more content…
These responsibilities go hand in hand because when you make a professional responsible decision you are making a decision that not only benefits you, but benefits the society and everyone involved. For example, the assignment where the code of conducts were examined for several business I discovered Nike used environment friendly material to create their products. This is an example of being professional responsibility because they made the correct decision when no one was watching, while benefiting the society.
In conclusion, professional responsibility is an essential concept for leaders to understand. It allows them to make correct decisions when faced with dilemmas, which is an key skills that all Illinois leaders need to

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