Case Study Of Listo System

Case Studies

Case 1 Listo Systems: The Employees ' Impact on the System

Brief Overview

The key for early success of Listo system is the growth of the employee 's dedication and commitment. Employees in Listo System set clear goals in the management and try to achieve them. Employees involved in the decision about how and when to finish the work in the process.

Analysis and Evaluation

The success of any organization depends mostly on the motivation of staff. Without a specific scientific used to determine how to motivate any particular group of people. The fact is that different things will encourage us. Maslow 's theory is a good factor to drive the employee 's dedication and commitment. According to Maslow, employees have five levels
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Management is more focused on production and profits instead of needs of the staff. The increase of management makes decisions slowly, decreases productivity and quality.

Analysis and Evaluation

Level 1: Key Players (Stakeholders) and Business Ideas (Purpose).
According to Hersey (2014), in this level, I think refining t is the most appropriate leadership challenge for Listo System. Development of outstanding graphic design products and services through innovation, teamwork and leadership is Listo mission. Due to the expansion of the company 's, the teamwork and leadership skills of Listo are affected. Without new staffs’ training, therefore, Listo is lack of appropriate leadership qualities. The people who was working in small company often lacks of skill of teamwork and leadership, which are often accused in the long-term work in training and exercising, once these people suddenly came to a big company, their point of view and the value are difficult to adapt to the new environment. So for in this Listo’s scenario, refined management is important for Listo, to achieve its mission (Hersey,
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Because of the sudden expansion and changed management, employee is not easy to adapt to the new system. I think, as the most appropriate leadership challenge in this level it should be shaping. Listo did not fully anticipate its internal problems and business in the future. As business growth, its mission and measuring systems are different. At this time Listo maybe ignore original culture and the value. As time goes on, there will be a part of the talented staffs of the company choosing to leave because of the inconsistent value. So when an enterprise definited its value and culture, maintaining the consistency of the behavior and culture, and shaping a good enterprise culture and enterprise environment is most important, which will help the enterprise to keep people to effectively achieve the goals of the company (Hersey,

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