Globoforce Case Study

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A leader is a person who leads a group of team and drives them towardsthe achievement of company’s goal and objective (Adair, 2007). He motivates people working under him and gets the work done by them. However whenever a leader exercises his power and responsibilities some problem occur, some conflicts arise. This report will address those topics. This report will also discuss about various aspects of strategic leadership and the issues related with it. All the topics will be discussed from an organizational point of view named Globoforce, which is a cloud, based Human Capital Management (HCM)Company. The ranges of topics that are going to be discussed include difference between strategic management and leadership, effect of organizational
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Strategic management on the other hand is consisted of the people, procedure and facilities of theorganization which provide the employees with a platform to attain the pre-set goals and objectives through coordinated efforts (Boal and Hooijberg, 2010). Figure 1Relationship between strategic management and leadership, Source: (Emerald Group Publishing, 2005).
The key differences between these two are given below:
Points of difference Strategic Leadership Strategic Management
Vision establishment • A leader develops vision
• Defines goals and objectives for the organization in consultation with the management.
• Provides strategic guideline to attain the pre-set goals and objectives. • Prepares plan and budget to implement the vision and strategy set by the
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Organizational culture and values set by the top management have considerable impact across the entire organization. It has to do with the leadership style used in the organization. The leaders try to transmit the values among the employees and other departments of the organization. When values of Globoforce are spread among the company employees they become more integrated and coordination among various departments enhances which result in better productivity and effectiveness. The values at the company decides the work pattern of the employees, their freedom in doing work and expressing views in the company meeting and all other daily chores needed to be carried in the

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