Cultural competence

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  • The Five Types Of Non-Verbal Communication

    That 's the phrase most commonly used by places to greet you for coming in to their business. As a consumer or customer, you will feel welcomed if the person genuinely smiles at you, however if the person looks more serious you will most likely get the vibe that you are better of going directly to what you need and leave. This kind of facial expressions and tone of voice are examples of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is communication without words which involves your body…

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  • International Business Culture Analysis

    competition, the companies operating abroad are faced with a much larger tasks than ever before. When going international, some of the challenges they face, not only include products or services, but communications between cultural differences. A company must handle new and unfamiliar cultural differences, quickly learning what is acceptable and what isn’t. Culture is an obstacle that can affect an entire company operation, from simple service operations, to executive level operations. Culture…

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  • Mokhtari's Non-Verbal Communication

    In addition, from a cultural standpoint, putting a left arm around a person of Middle Eastern decent would not register as anything other than comforting, because the emotion becomes greater than the presence of mind to be offended. In certain situation, such as when one is…

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  • Chronemics: What´s Tactile Communication?

    Introduction : In this part, I tried to get everyone’s attention by leading up to my quote with a story which required me to give some background information about myself and the system that students go through to get into a college in Turkey. This was essential, because otherwise, people wouldn’t understand the situation. In this section, Iit was expected to give an overview of preview my speech by telling my main points; however, I couldn’t find a way to do it without breaking the story…

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  • Nonverbal Communication Research Paper

    There are multiple cultural groups and when communicating verbally, cultural assumptions are made within the given society or group. Similar like relationships, culture also influences verbal communication. So culture influences meanings that are given to words and the use of words (Duck and McMahn…

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  • Non-Verbal Communication

    Non-verbal communication Non-Verbal Communication is a way in which information or feelings are transmitted to another person without being spoken or written. It can be defined ‘Behaviour and elements of speech aside from the words themselves that transmit meaning’ (Business Dictionary, 2014). The first non-verbal communication is posture. Posture is the way in which a person sits or stands which can send messages to people in their company. Posture should be open to make the professional look…

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  • Animal Language Research Paper

    When the human mind comes across the word language, some of the first responses might be, what kind of language? English? Spanish? Etc. But that is just the initial reaction due to the thought of a language being a verbal gesture from one human to the next. There are many different verbal languages around the world, depending on geographic location, culture, ethnicity, etc. But there are many more way of communication than just language. Actions such as body language, appearances, facial…

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  • Intercultural Competence In Cross Culture Communication

    The topic of intercultural competence have become very important in the past years of the globalization era where people of diverse cultures meet, study and work together. Conversation between culturally different speakers are more likely go wrong than between the speakers of the same culture. People need to obtain the intercultural competence in order to communicate smoothly with people from different cultural background and go beyond the conceptual meaning of the utterance. Misunderstandings…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Intercultural Education

    2009; Jackson, 2008). To be competitive in the global marketplace, it is increasingly necessary to possess intercultural competence skills (Sample, 2012). Intercultural competence is defined as, “…the personal ability needed to communicate and work efficiently in intercultural every-day and business situations with members of different cultural groups or in a foreign cultural environment” (Behrnd & Porzelt, 2012, p. 214). Another definition: “…abilities to adeptly navigate complex…

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  • The Importance Of International Culture

    What a tough question! As I need to cover the span of the world here, and quite possibly, every culture out there, it is important that I go through many steps to make sure everyone is comfortable. Each continent is made up of several countries, which can then in turn, have many different cultures within themselves. So, the first thing I would do if I were the one holding the meeting, is find out the specific country that each person is from, if possible - not just the continent. This would…

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