Cultural competence

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  • Reflective Essay: My Top Five Strengths

    Working with a group can be one of the most beneficial experiences and horrific experiences when trying to complete a project. As a growing student affairs professional I find that how a team is made up and the personalities of the team members plays a crucial role in how the team will succeed. I will discuss how my different strengths and areas of improvement help me in a group setting and where I see myself placed more than often in group roles. To discuss this topic and my position I will use…

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  • Employee Selection Methods

    Question #1 Organizations and institutions in recruit employees use various assessment methods. Some are task based while others are based on knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA). These methods are applicable for recruiting employees from the institutions and outside the institutions. In this paper the reasons for choosing KSA based method is discussed by use of the different tests. This results in the identification of different skills that include the innovative skills, communication skills…

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  • Industry Knowledge Foundational Competency

    Industry Knowledge Foundational Competency The foundational competency of industry knowledge includes demonstrating proficiency in maintaining well informed of the growth developments in the industry. A training and development professional proficient in industry knowledge maintains own professional knowledge, keeps abreast of industry changes and trends, and builds industry sector knowledge (Arneson et al., 2013, p. 85). My level of competency in these skills is shown on table 3. In the…

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  • Competency Outcomes Performance (COPA) Q Model Analysis

    physician using the SBAR tool. Benner’s Stage of Clinical Competence In this scenario, the stage of clinical competence reflected is the competent level of practice. Benner describes the competent performer as one that has a “feeling of mastery and the ability to cope with and manage the contingencies of clinical nursing” (Benner, 2001, p. 27). The competent level of practice is validated in this scenario in two areas. The first area of competence is the detection and documentation of…

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  • Augmentative And Alternative Communication (AAC)

    DynaVox V, was chosen specifically for her. Using Janice Light’s Framework, it is simple to see that Mary-Jane’s DynaVox V, is compliant with her linguistic, operational, social, and strategic competence. Linguistic competence means that the user’s language skills comply with the program. Within linguistic competence, it is important for the person assessing to be aware of the patient’s receptive and expressive language skills. In Mary-Jane’s case, it is clear that she had been able to…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Analysis

    2) In addition to understanding several interpersonal communication concepts and skills I now have a knowledge on how to be a more competent communicator. At the beginning of this course I was asked to write an introductory paper stating what I seen my strengths and weaknesses to be in communication. I had indicated that at that point in time that I feel that I have a strong need for affection and gaining control over any given situation. In addition to wanting to have the upper hand in a…

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  • Listening's Role In Interpersonal Communication

    their inner dialogue and, in particular, the critical voice that said "not like that", concentrate on your hand!, angle it differently". This is your inner voice speaking. We have 4 competence cycle of learning, such as, Unconscious incompetence, Conscious incompetence, Conscious competence and unconscious competence. In this 4 difference coaching cycle the coaches need to identify the stage at which an individual is to use the right sort of language to help them move to the next stage.…

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  • Case Study: The Campbell Interest And Skill Survey

    The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) measures self-reported interest patterns and self-assessed confidence in career-related skills. An examination of the Procedural Checks indicated Katie’s profile is valid and interpretable as the Inconsistency and Omitted Items Checks fell within the valid range. However, the Response Percentages Check indicated her profile failed to display a desired distribution. Katie endorsed only two percent of “Strongly Like” items and 52 percent of “Strongly…

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  • Reflective Essay On Work Life Balance

    Truly grateful for the work opportunity and the experiences at the school. I was able to attain a work life balance. My hours at work were the same hours my children spent in the childcare. I had more time with them, a lot of family time, catch up time with friends and was able to make to Sunday church services. I try to manage my time effectively at work so I do not have it weighing on my mind when I get back home. From personal experience the benefit of maintaining a work life balance is to…

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  • Analysis Of The Three Components Of A Therapeutic Relationship

    In a therapeutic relationship, the helper embarks on a journey with the client to help him explore thoughts and feelings, obtain insight and make changes (Hill, 2014). In order for a therapeutic relationship to be successful, the three components of the helping process ,namely, skills, facilitative conditions (warmth, empathy and congruence) and self-awareness need to be present (Hill, 2014). This essay addresses these three components through analysing a selected 10 minutes of a 20-minute…

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