Cultural competence

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  • Visual Synesthesia Case Study

    A person with a “normal” sense of perception will accurately interpret various stimuli. Words will simply look like words. Sounds will only trigger emotional responses. Scents will merely give someone a pleasant fragrance or a horrid odor. In a synesthete’s world—that is, someone diagnosed with synesthesia—these interpretations tend to skew. The first notable case was published by Georg Sachs in 1812, based on the elucidation of himself (Jewanski, Jay, & Ward, 2009). SYMPTOMS As mentioned…

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  • Nonverbal Communication Challenges Essay

    I will be talking about what kind of nonverbal communication challenges I find in my communication experience. I will also discuss the challenges. I will be telling how I plan on improving these behaviors and tendencies. I will explain how I experience these challenges. I picked eye-contact, tone of voice, and facial expressions. I wanted to explain how I can changes these three challenges that I picked. When it comes down to eye-contact, tone of voice, and facial expressions I barely do not do…

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  • Chuck Passed Away Essay

    It all started on Christmas eve. Chuck was happily eating dinner with his family when he got a phone call. That phone call changed the rest of Chuck Noland’s life. Chuck was a very busy man doing everything in his power to keep his business alive. Sacrificing almost everything in his life for his job. As he was about to board the plane he said something very important. Once he stepped out of the car he proposed to Kelly and told her that he would be right back. This did not happen because…

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  • Sig Zane Designs

    New York, Tokyo, Berlin; these are some of the top fashion epicenters worldwide. These cities are the driving forces of cultural trendsetters who have major influences on design, commerce and eventually the economy ("Fashion Capitals"). Being internationally recognized as having strong identities in fashion, these capitals develop a mixture of business, recreation, and cultural activities to compensate for. This huge success, no matter the place, is due to the ambiance and hype that surrounds…

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  • Summary: Nonverbal Communication

    a) Nonverbal communication is a powerful way of communicating and it comes naturally. It is defined as wordless messages that are received and sent from others on a conscious and subconscious level and this can be both intentional and unintentional (P.S, 2008).This essay will discuss how nonverbal communication strategies can enhance communication with committee members. The first strategy will be enhancing communication through facial expression which is a form of kinesics. The face…

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  • Nationhood In Canada

    Canada’s relationship with the province of Québec are the political nation in contrast with the cultural nation. Both of these ideas of nationhood stem from the greater abstract concept of nationhood as ethnic and civic characteristics that interact with one another to shape a group or place’s identity. In Québec, these ethnic and civic characteristics are the result of “a distinct religious, cultural and linguistic heritage” rooted in the idea of “survivance” that came after the British…

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  • Types Of Supervision Theory

    The three most important points in the information this week exploring supervision theory are the types of supervision, the content areas of supervision, and the cultural competencies in the supervision relationship. The types of supervision: Administrative, Clinical, and Supportive can be use simultaneously at times or individually to ensure the worker receives the information, guidance, and understanding of their client(s) situation through consultation with their superior. This engages the…

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  • Fieldwork Observation

    For my fieldwork project, I visited a local park to observe the people there and how they communicated. At the park, there was a large, grassy field, a playground, and a few picnic tables. During my time at the park, I made many detailed notes on what kinds of non-verbal communication took place. It was a nice, breezy day, and many families were having picnics. This was the perfect opportunity to watch some interesting interactions, so I sat on a bench and observed. One family was having a…

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  • Demonstrative Communication Paper

    Demonstrative communication can be defined as being an organized way that people express emotions or conveying a message to other people. It is perhaps one of the best ways to truly understand and comprehend someone’s point of view and the message they are trying to send. There are two types of communication, being verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication is expressions of thoughts and feelings through the use of spoken words. Non-verbal communication is the opposite. It is expressing…

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  • Nonverbal Communication In The Classroom

    As children we are raised to always have respect for authority figures, no matter what positon they’re in. An example of this would be the way students respect their teachers in the classroom because of the teachers’ expert power (McCroskey, Richmond 1983). In this case expert power is the student’s perception that the teacher is competent and knowledgeable in all areas of study (McCroskey, Richmond 1983). But when you think about it, how much of this urge to respect our teachers comes from what…

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