Symbolic Features Of Verbal Communication

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We use language when we communicate. In different speech acts we use language to interact with each other. However, in these interactions, language is not the only communication we use. Along with verbal communication, we also use nonverbal communication. While people are aware of verbal communication they are less aware of nonverbal communication, even though nonverbal communication can support or discard what someone is expressing with verbal communication. Like it or not, people you are speaking with will evaluated your credibility, confidence and trustworthiness in the first seven seconds. Even before you start speaking your body language and gesture can destroy your speech since people believe more what they see and not
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When communicating we can use verbal communication, nonverbal communication, written communication or visualizations. Effective communication can be one of the most important life skills (What is Communication?).

We can talk about verbal communication when using language. In this case language is symbols put together in a grammar. These symbols for themselves have no meaning, however, words get meaning when they are put into use. Verbal communication has symbolic, cultural, presentational and transactive feature (Duck and McMahn 69-82).

The symbolic feature of verbal communication is because verbal communication involves the use of language and language is made up of symbols. These symbols are arbitrary representations of something else. Meaning that symbols are not connected to what they represent. So symbols have no meaning, but are given meaning when people use them during interactions. This means that verbal communication is not only symbolic, but with the use of it, meanings are established. Along with this, verbal communication also has an impact on relationships and vice versa. This means that relationships have an impact on the meanings of the words and the words that are used. Communication among friends is special because of shared meanings and overlaps of perceptions (Duck and McMahn
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There are multiple cultural groups and when communicating verbally, cultural assumptions are made within the given society or group. Similar like relationships, culture also influences verbal communication. So culture influences meanings that are given to words and the use of words (Duck and McMahn 69-82).
As we mentioned before, verbal communication also involves frames. Frames help people to make sense of communicating with drawing attention to how they should be communicating, what to expect from the person they are communicating with and which meanings to assign to symbols and words that are being used in the communication. In verbal communication, conversational frames are used. To make effective verbal communication these frames should be shared by both persons in the conversation (Duck and McMahn

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