Target World Analysis

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How to Target the World
Paris, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, Berlin; these are some of the top fashion epicenters worldwide. These cities are the driving forces of cultural trendsetters who have major influences on design, commerce and eventually the economy ("Fashion Capitals"). Being internationally recognized as having strong identities in fashion, these capitals develop a mixture of business, recreation, and cultural activities to compensate for. This huge success, no matter the place, is due to the ambiance and hype that surrounds each different society. Once a product begins its popularity and is a trend, everyone seeks out what it is and where they can get it, especially if there is a story behind it.
Sig Zane Designs, a local business located in downtown Hilo, Hawaii was founded in 1985 by “fisherman, surfer, dancer, artist and cultural practitioner” Sig Zane ( Sig incorporates the Hawaiian culture into each of his designs and perpetuates the values of the distinctive Hawaiian plants and the lifestyle of the people. In this instance the whole business is built on the Hawaiian culture. His knowledge of the culture has made his business very successful, having just
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Hawaii, being comprised of many Japanese people has a connection with each other due to early immigration and present day tourism. Sig Zane’s perfect aesthetic sensibility is perfect for the Japanese market: natural, understated elegance ("Segmentation Strategies”). Now for a curveball, if Sig Zane had to market to Norway or Sweden, somewhere they aren’t accustomed to, they would have a slight difficulty learning about the culture and campaigning to market their product distinctly to the unique place. Being culturally considerate to a native area and to the target market eventually opens up people to the world, especially in terms of design and

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