Cultural competence

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  • Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

    Nonverbal Communications also know as the body language is a communiation when people send and recive wordless clues. ‘Non’ means ‘not’ and ‘verbal’ means ‘words’. It includes facial expressions, gestures but also tone of voice. Nonverbal Communication informs about basic emotional states, features of someone’s temperament but it can also inform about someone’s social status, origin, self-esteem and education. To understand nonverbal communication better it should be also known what exactly…

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  • Effects Of Cultural Barriers In Communication

    g., if the speaker or the listener feels very strongly about a certain subject this will influence the communication process. Socio – Cultural Barriers: Socio – Cultural barriers influence interpersonal relationships and communication. Class conflicts, Caste divides, cross cultural differences, Socio – Cultural codes, and conducts are some of the socio – cultural barriers. Poor Feedback: Feedback is the receiver sending back the message to the sender as they have perceived it. It is reaction…

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  • The Reflection Of Communication In Communication

    A tone of voice could be influenced by what day it is, the time, and other outside factors. However, there are many things that individuals can do with their tone in communicating. When giving a speech, one can try to fluctuate his or her voice to give emphasis on certain phrases. When talking to someone who has recently lost a loved one, the sender’s tone can be brought more mellow to connect more with the receiver. If a conversation is not that interesting to a receiver, their tone may show…

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  • An Intern's Dilemma Paper

    individual’s character. When living from a Christ centered mentality, a person has little to fear regarding character. Furthermore, ethical boundaries flow naturally when working within a biblical ethical mindset. Mark’s understanding of the Asian cultural differences requires further insight. Having the choice for never compromising core values stems from Genesis 1:27, where man’s creation was in God’s image. A person’s inherent value begins with their creation by God, for God, and in His…

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  • Reactivity And Reflective Essay

    Body emotion can send a conversation in either a negative or positive direction. Depending on how you project it. The two concepts that I can say I can relate to but also need to work more on are Kinesics, which is one of the Non-verbal codes and Reactivity, which comes from conflict styles. I choose these two because I believe they both serve an important purpose in achieving a respectable connection with another individual. Kinesics is very important because it’s what gives communication a…

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  • Comparing The Four Basics Of Gestures

    .4 Basics of Gestures Gesture is the use of nonverbal communication in between the humans or to any other creatures. This kind of communication uses different part of the body such as hand, head, the lips and etc. Those body parts are used to convey messages nonverbally. Basically, for gesture recognitions that are used in the digital world, it can be categorized into three different areas which are voice gesture recognition, facial gesture recognition and hand gesture recognition. 2.4.1 Voice…

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  • Essay On Connotative Meaning

    Connotative meaning is the non-literal and associative meaning that a word or phrase has in addition to its central meaning. This part of meaning shows people's emotions and attitudes towards what the word or phrase refers to. For example, the denotative meaning of the word "child" could be as 'a young human being', but it can be associated with, e.g. affectionate, amusing, lovable, sweet, and grubby (Richards and Schmidt, 2010: 118).…

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  • Types Of Nonverbal Communication

    There are many forms of social interaction in everyday life with all human beings. There are several types of nonverbal communication. Moreover social networking and privacy are used more repetitively in everyday life. Also social networks there are bullying and harassment. Dealing with social networks put your privacy in jeopardy. There are different statuses in sociology. To stat with silence is a form of nonverbal communication. Silence communication is messages sent without words. Being…

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  • Biological Differences Between Left-Handededness And Hand Preferences

    Rationale Individuals have different preference for the use of the hand. These hand preferences are right-handedness, left-handedness and ambidextrous which is the ability to do use the both hands in doing different tasks. The handedness of a person can be determined if the specific hand can do the task comfortably in situations like writing and throwing. The right-handedness of the people has approximately 85% in the society (Porac, 2016). Statistically, the right-handed are more dominant and…

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  • Poem Analysis: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Photography is the ability to freeze time without disturbing life. What is meant by that phrase is that when a photo is taken, that precise moment is forever captured to be revisited at the viewer’s leisure. When a photographer takes an image it is very different than when a friend tells you, “ Lets take a selfie!” Although, both a photographer and one capture that moment in time, a photographer tries to tell a story or a message as to look who I’m with;…

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