Cultural competence

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  • Cultural Issues In Nursing Essay

    270 ancestries (Australian Human Rights Commission, n.d.). Cultural bias is pervasive, negative, or unconscious beliefs, attitudes or differences in understanding of a culture (Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, 2015). The unit Culture and Health has taught us to apraise social and ethical wellbeing within the context of equitable and cultural safety. So, how is a student nurse able to apply this concept to the cultural complexity of Australia? International, National and…

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  • English Language Learner Needs Analysis

    A. I believe for this stage I am exceeding. In my opinion I have reached accurate ability to assess the impact of my own culture and assumptions, judgment and or biases related to my own culture. I believe this to be true not only from the assignments we completed in class but also because of my own out look and view on life. I am always remembering that my views are different from those around me, and that my true culture is deeper than what is just on the surface. I believe it is important to…

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  • Diversity In Schools

    (Caucasian)and English speaking in make-up and the number of culturally diverse teachers is in a state of decline (Gay, 2003). Educators must accept the fact that students who enter their schools/classrooms bring with them major differences concerning their cultural and ethnic background. While the original research was mainly focused on differences in culture regarding race, researchers are now paying closer attention to…

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  • The Importance Of Intrapersonal Communication

    Intrapersonal communication is language or thought that occurs within the communicator. In order to effectively communicate with others, you must first acknowledge intraprasonal communication - how you communicate with yourself. However, intrapersonal communication is occasionally guided by interpersonal communication. While there are many types of intrapersonal communication, each one is equally important to identify and understand. Through identification and personal examples, intrapersonal…

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  • Competency Based Training

    Competency models are basically a picture board used to collect the viewable skills, behaviors and the attitude that can affect the type of work a person may do. It shows us what people need to learn and have the ability to perform in order to meet their responsibilities in a strong manner. These competency models are becoming more and more important to employers in use for recruitment of new employees as well as finding the right employee that is going to be a natural” fit” for their…

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  • Job Analysis Document

    Job Analysis Documents Table 1 presents the data from all of the relevant JA sources on competencies. In order to only retain competencies that were of greater significance to the job each data source had a cut-off point (retention criteria) and if the values were lower than this then they were removed from further analyses. The retention criteria for each of the data sources was approximately half their possible maximum values: 55, 4 and 50 respectively. The combined competency weight were…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Top Five Strengths

    Working with a group can be one of the most beneficial experiences and horrific experiences when trying to complete a project. As a growing student affairs professional I find that how a team is made up and the personalities of the team members plays a crucial role in how the team will succeed. I will discuss how my different strengths and areas of improvement help me in a group setting and where I see myself placed more than often in group roles. To discuss this topic and my position I will use…

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  • Employee Selection Methods

    Question #1 Organizations and institutions in recruit employees use various assessment methods. Some are task based while others are based on knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA). These methods are applicable for recruiting employees from the institutions and outside the institutions. In this paper the reasons for choosing KSA based method is discussed by use of the different tests. This results in the identification of different skills that include the innovative skills, communication skills…

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  • Industry Knowledge Foundational Competency

    Industry Knowledge Foundational Competency The foundational competency of industry knowledge includes demonstrating proficiency in maintaining well informed of the growth developments in the industry. A training and development professional proficient in industry knowledge maintains own professional knowledge, keeps abreast of industry changes and trends, and builds industry sector knowledge (Arneson et al., 2013, p. 85). My level of competency in these skills is shown on table 3. In the…

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  • Case Study: The Campbell Interest And Skill Survey

    The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) measures self-reported interest patterns and self-assessed confidence in career-related skills. An examination of the Procedural Checks indicated Katie’s profile is valid and interpretable as the Inconsistency and Omitted Items Checks fell within the valid range. However, the Response Percentages Check indicated her profile failed to display a desired distribution. Katie endorsed only two percent of “Strongly Like” items and 52 percent of “Strongly…

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