Mr. Abbadi Case Summary

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Mr. Abbadi presented to the evaluation session poorly groomed in a jail-issued jumpsuit. Hygiene and grooming were inadequate as a malodorous scent emanated from his body during the interview. Eye contact was variable. At times, he stared intensely at this evaluator. Other times, Mr. Abbadi looked at the ceiling or behind his back while talking. No gross physical impairment was observed. Numerous tattoos appeared on his arms and neck. Large print letters were tattooed on each of his forearms. Across his right arm was the word ‘loyalty’ in large block letters. His left forearm featured similar lettering and the word, “respect.” He also had a tattoo of the word, “angel” on his neck. This evaluator asked the defendant the meaning behind his tattoos to which Mr. Abbadi looked confused and responded, “What tattoos?”

Mr. Abbadi’s sensorium was bizarre as he appeared to know he was detained at the jail, but failed to appreciate the restrictions of the building. For example, when a door opened to an adjacent housing unit, Mr. Abbadi asked, “What unit is that? Can I move to that unit?” Explaining to Mr. Abbadi that this writer did not work for the ADC did not curtail the defendant’s repeated requests to change housing units. At times, Mr. Abbadi
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Abbadi lacks both the capacity to understand the proceedings against him and the ability to assist his attorney in his defense. As such, these symptoms render him unable to meaningfully participate in the legal proceedings against him. It is difficult for the defendant to tolerate lengthy meetings. Although a plea agreement was previously discussed in depth, Mr. Abbadi did not recall such an arrangement nor could he remember the terms of such an

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