Convergent validity

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  • Birth Control Evaluation

    A panel of experts is needed to review the instrument, and determined the validity and reliability. The group discussion was an example of panel of experts, who determined the content of validity and reliability between the items composing in the instrument. The reliability was conducted before the expert panel review, which for this assignment were my classmates. The panel of experts…

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  • Blackfish Critique

    LAZY ARGUING Sea World’s attempt to refute the documentary “Blackfish” was so disappointing. It did not just fail; it crashed and burned. “Blackfish” is a documentary that shows the psychological and physical harm Sea World is doing to their Killer whales by keeping them in a confined space. The Documentary also demonstrates the danger Sea World is putting their trainers in by having them work with their killer whales. In response Sea World published, on their website, an article titled…

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  • Animal Depression Research Paper

    similarities between the behavior shown by the animal model and the particulars symptoms of the human condition (Geyer and Markou 1995; Moreau 2002; Lyon 2004) .The face validity of animal model of depression is a determination of the models capability to replicate core symptoms of the disease (Mitchell and Redfern, 2005). In using the face validity of animal models of depression, anhedonia as a result assumes an important position. Anhedonia is also a most important symptom of psychosis. In…

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  • What Is Gensler's Argument For The Divine Command Theory

    Gensler: Divine Command Theory Gensler’s main argument for the Divine Command Theory is to argue the moral reasons for the existence of God. He gives the premises that everyone knows objective moral duties. Then comes the idea that if there are objective moral duties there has to be something that makes them moral law. For this the only answer that makes sense is God because it cannot be a person or other individuals in society since we do not have the authority to tell someone is they do…

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  • The Benefits And Drawbacks To An Interactive Learning Environment Analysis

    Looking at Stansbury and Munro (2013), there is strong construct validity. By using the combination of instructional condition and time of test administration, the researchers are able to show the obvious differences between the experimental, standard treatment, and no treatment control groups. The use of each of these…

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  • Advantages Of Wartegg Drawing Assessment

    communication skills client might do better drawing than verbally discussing issues. Weaknesses that are included within the test include the inconsistency of the test due to the multiple versions and interpretations available that affect the reliability and validity of the test. Another weakness is multicultural concerns pertaining language and cultural barrier for test takers. These concerns can also affect the results and interpretations, which can cause adverse effects to do the cultural…

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  • Logical Appeal In Advertising

    1- Do more searches of information for decision-making. 2- Communicate more with others. 3- Are more open-minded than others. 4- Enjoy deliberate intellectual activities. 5- Identify more deliberate causal links for others ' behavior. 6- Pay more attention to prices on their purchasing decisions. 7- Prefer written information to visual information. 8- Rarely influenced by others ' opinions (experts) (Del Hawkins et al., 2009). Prior to 1990, papers were examined as advertising effectiveness in…

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  • MACI Assessment Report

    questions presented, try to make sure the individuals are not just speeding through it trying to get it over with, and help them with an accurate self-report to make the tool more effective. The test is scored using an interpretative report including the validity information, personality patterns, the Grossman personality facet scales, expressed concerns, and clinical syndromes. The assessment report shows the Base Rate and Raw Scores side by side to indicate clinical syndromes…

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  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire

    reliability and validity. The standardised procedures for test administration replicates the standards of which the test was normed. Normative data was generated with a large and diverse sample and is provided for gender, age, job, and the…

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  • Lightness Constancy Research Paper

    Prompt 2. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the lightness constancy and how it works. Including how the visual system works with constancies, to properly attribute uniform color to a surface. The way to go about the task is with an example. Imagine there are two surfaces next to each other. One appears uniformly white since the light source is evenly distributed throughout the surface. The other has surface patches, a non-uniformity in the light being reflected off of the surface. So…

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