Convergent validity

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  • Causes Of Mount Tambora

    Tambora is plate tectonics. Islands in this chain along Indonesia are located along the convergent plate boundary of the Eurasian and Australian plates. A convergent boundary is the place where two tectonic plates collide. This can be oceanic-oceanic, oceanic-continental, or continental-continental. In the case of Mount Tambora, the Australian plate slides below the Eurasian…

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  • Physical Factors Of Volcanoes

    Volcanoes are generally found in three locations: constructive and destructive plate boundaries, as well as hotspots. The most explosive and potentially the most hazardous volcanoes are found on destructive, convergent plate boundaries. Here, one plate subducts beneath the other generating intense heat and pressure, melting the rock and sediment to form an acidic magma chamber. This viscous magma is resistant to flow and therefore results in violent, dangerous…

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  • Magneto Hydrodynamics Case Study

    INTRODUCTION The science of magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) deals with geophysical, astrophysical and engineering problems since many years. This subject has attracted attention of many researchers in the MHD flow on Newtonian fluids on plate, cones and disks. Hari R [30] investigated the chemical and radiation effects on MHD casson fluid flow past an oscillating vertical plate embedded in porous medium. Subbaiah Naidu [70] studied the effect of Hall current on free convective flow of stratified…

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  • Test Validity

    Validity looks to see if a test measures what it is supposed to measure and if the test does not then it is not valid and should not be used. There are numerous types of test validity discussed in this chapter, but the one that stuck out to me the most was face validity. Face validity just looks to see if the test looks like what it is supposed, but it is important to remember that just because…

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  • Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery

    (2016), the WJ III DRB test 's validity depends on two factors: 1) how closely its norming sample represents the population to which the test results will be compared, and 2) how carefully the data were gathered from that sample. However, diagnoses of ADHD using tests of cognitive ability, like the Woodcock-Johnson III, have primarily relied on mean differences between individuals with and without ADHD. Until the current investigation, only three discriminant validity studies had explored the…

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  • Domestic Assault Case Study

    Brief Summary of study In this article, the authors conducted an experimental study to examine the effect of three different interventions on reducing the domestic assault. The three interventions were arrest, ordering the offender to leave the house, and providing advice. These three interventions were given randomly to 33 officers (some of them did not continue the study which made the researchers to gather more officers) who attended workshops to be prepared to this study. After the…

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  • South American Earthquake Plate Boundary

    Also we will discuss if earthquakes are common in this region. The plate boundary that was associated with the 20 Oct 14 San Gabriel Ecuador earthquake was the Nazac plate (oceanic tectonic plate) and the South American plate forming a convergent boundary (USGS, 2014). This plate boundary can be very active, but since 1900 till 2012 there have been only approximately 50 earthquakes of 5.5 or greater in Ecuador and only two to three near San Gabriel or this time period (USGS,…

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  • The Effects Of The Fort Tejon Earthquake

    Damages were not nearly as serious as it would be today, mostly because Southern California was sparsely populated. The effects of the earthquake were quite dramatic, even frightening. Were the Fort Tejon shock to happen today, the damage would easily run into billions of dollars, and the loss of life would be substantial. On March 10, 1933, a 6.4 earthquake hit the Newport-Inglewood Fault, causing serious damage in long Beach and other communities. The earthquake resulted in 120 deaths and more…

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  • Axial Seamount Essay

    The purpose of this paper is the explain a natural phenomena, Axial Seamount. Even if the reader has no knowledge of Axial Seamount, they will be able to fully understand the content of this paper. They will learn facts about Axial Seamount such as what it is, on what plates it is located on, what landforms are around it, etc. Axial Seamount is an underwater volcano located in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean, about 483 kilometers (300 miles) off the coast of Oregon. Because its frequent volcanic…

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  • Does Wegener's Ideas Lead To The Formation Of Earth?

    In 1912, German meteorologist Alfred Wegener proposed the theory that all the continents were once all one continent and then later drifted apart and separated leading to the seven continents we have today. He thought that 200 million years ago there was one large continent that he called Pangea, which means “All-Earth.” During the Jurassic period the continents were believed to break up into two smaller continents which were called Gondwanaland and Laurasia. The continents were breaking into…

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