Convergent validity

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  • Collaborative Multimodal Treatment Study

    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is diagnosed when children display persistent age-inappropriate symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Since ADHD is one of the most common (3% to 5%) childhood mental disorder, a lot of controversies debated whether behavioral therapy (BT) or medication alone (MM) would be more efficient as the treatment for ADHD (Arnold et al., 1997, p.865). In 1992, the Collaborative Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD (the MTA),…

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  • Article Review Assignment On Mindfulness

    The news article did not capture some key details of this experimental study which can possibly lower the validity of the study. For instance, it did not report exactly how the participants were distributed into each condition. In other words, the article did not mention that participants were assigned to meditation sessions or nourishment sessions randomly.…

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  • Donald Trump's Deportation Study

    sample is a threat to the external validity of the study. It is important to note that this study does not represent a homogenous group. The sample is considered to be a convenience sample and cannot be echoed as a representative of the Latino immigrant community. Overgeneralization needs to be prevented because the sample does not represent an entire community. Therefore, the lack of generalization is a threat to external validity. However, the studies external validity can be adequate even if…

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  • A Popular Media Report

    with the fact the media article does not tell us how the participants are being operationalized . External validity is low because of the lack of information on how the study was conducted. We did not know the operational definitions, conceptional definitions or the specific variables being studied, without that information how can one replicate the study to another sample. Conclusion validity is another cause for concern due to the fact the author of this media report did not state any big…

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  • Social Political Issue Analysis

    These are set issues that are always at heart of external validity, and that will set the tone for trustworthy results that can play a key role when sharing certain thoughts or opinions. Validity can be divided into two; external and internal validity. Internal validity refers to the consistency of variables at an internal level that whether the results represent the claims provided while external validity refers to evaluating a sample that is far away or not associated with sample…

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  • Essay On Orangutans

    Research has stated that animals must be exposed and frequently involved in intense social interaction for facial recognition to occur. However, recent research has suggested that orangutans can differentiate between individuals with much less interaction required. The orangutans spend the majority of their time alone. It is estimated they spend 5% of their time associated in social situations. Additionally, very little is known about how the orangutans recognize faces in specific situations…

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  • Importance Of Threats In Research

    1. Name and describe at least 5 threats to validity (ea. threat accurately described is worth 2 points up to a possible 16 points). History threat- This occurs when the study outcome is affected by some historical event. If a specific event or chain of events does transpire during the time when a treatment is administered and it affects the observations it is a threat to the internal validity. Often times there is no way of determining if the historical event(s) or the treatment accounts for…

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  • Perception In Psychopathology

    issue of generalizing results from WEIRD participants to other populations arises. As we learned in Dr. Cheung’s class, this privileged demographic represents only about 12% of the world’s population, therefore limiting the potential for external validity, as it is a non-representative sample. In discussing the recruitment of participants, this also calls into question their other method of recruiting test subjects: online advertisements. This recruitment led to sampling bias, in which some…

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  • Non-Helping Behavior

    It comes as no surprise that the clothing we wear has a major influence on how others perceive us. There are valid reasons why we don’t typically sport sweatpants at job interviews or ripped jeans at funerals; generally, we tend to present ourselves in attire that is socially acceptable so that others are more likely to form positive impressions of us. In this experiment, we examine the effect that clothing has, not only on social perception, but also on social influence, particularly in regards…

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  • Upward Comparison Theory

    A study has shown that Internet appearance exposure and magazine reading exposure were correlated with higher internalization of thin ideals, appearance comparison, weight dissatisfaction, and drive for thinness in adolescent girls of mean age of 14.9 years. (Tiggemann & Miller, 2010). As mentioned in lecture, an average American watches 5.13 hours TV per day. (K.Dalrymple, personal communication, October 26,2015). This data shows that television is a dominant media that plays a great deal in…

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