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  • The Benefits Of Software Engineering

    charge of programming and coding every single website, programs and even computers. So how does someone become a Software Engineer and what does it take to be a successful one? Well it is just like any other degree or career, it all starts with schooling. While at school students have to earn certain certifications that get them ready to become a certified Engineer and that is what all employers look at before they consider anybody.…

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  • A Day Without Computer Literacy

    in the computer lab for a class assignment. Most of the kids seemed fluent with the computers and their usage, promptly navigating to the home page (yes, it existed back then) and searching for “ligers.” While I, on the other hand, was unable to even navigate to the internet browser. It was the first time I had any formal experience with any sort of computer. I felt utterly lost. Unlike the other students in my class, I had no computer literacy whatsoever. This lack of computer…

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  • Understanding Why The Sky Is Blue Analysis

    Knowledge and understanding are two terms that may seem similar in meaning. However upon further examination, one may find that there is a distinction to be made. Knowledge can be thought of as pure information, it is usually simple and easy to obtain. Everyone possesses some degree of knowledge about a variety of things. On the other hand, understanding is something more complicated and nuanced. It highlights a deeper intuitive process that occurs within subconscious levels of the mind. Someone…

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  • Evelyn Boyd Granville Essay

    Evelyn Boyd Granville was the second African-American women to receive a Phd in mathematics from an American University, who also worked on important NASA Space Programs, then settled down to become a Professor. She was born on May 1, 1924, in Washington, D.C., the Great Depression era. Evelyn was the second child and the second girl of William Boyd and Julia Walker Boyd. The first child and first girl was her older sister is Doris Boyd (Evelyn Boyd Granville n. pag). Evelyn’s parents both…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Computing Knowledge

    sometimes happens so fast and its hard for the human eye to keep up with calls. They have to go under the booth and watch it over and over before coming to to an exact decision on what has happened. With this type of technology there will be no need the computer will know exactly what has happened because it has viewed it already thousands of times and can come up with a faster answer than humans…

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  • The Importance Of A Computer Program

    followed, I slowly realized that I would never have a career that required me to work on my feet and I would have to re-evaluate my career plans. Since my first computer at age 10, I have always had a passion for computers and electronics. With the explosion of new technology emerging in the last 10 years, intimate knowledge of computers has proven to be very lucrative and a stable career choice for years to come. I have chosen to do…

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  • Computer Science By Max Taves: Article Analysis

    With the boom of technology and science in modern-day society, those who hold skill working with computers remain in high demand. Countless college students run to earn a degree in computer science, while the integration of computers and tech in nearly every company makes sure a spot is always open for the newest computer science graduate. Ideally, this endeavor would be open to everyone willing to learn, regardless of gender. However, this may not be the case, as many believe in the existence…

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  • Representation In STEM

    especially minorities, have been involved in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This information serves as a chilling contradiction to the late 1960s when technological jobs such as computer programming was deemed as something a savvy young woman could do even comparing computer planning to “planning a dinner”. This paper will analyze why there has been a decrease in the amount of women in the fields of STEM, ways to increase the percentage…

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  • Computer Science Major Essay

    Unlike most other majors, a Computer Science major writes in a very unique way. We write in a way that is probably much like a foreign language to the untrained eye. Even more complicated, however, there is more than one language. Depending on the language you prefer, the company you are working for, or what suits the program best, is generally going to be the deciding factor as to what language you write in. As a normal student writes an essay, a Computer Science major writes a program. We use…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: How To Be A Woman Programmer

    The computer programmer, Ellen Ullman writes about her experience as a woman in a dominantly male profession in her essay, How to be a “Woman Programmer” that was published in the op-ed column in the New York Times in 2013. Ullman is the author of the novels By Blood (2013) and The Bug (2003). She has also published a memoir entitled, Close to the Machine: Technophilia and its Discontents (2001). In this memoir, she recounts her experiences in the 1980’s as one of the first female computer…

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