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  • Initial Needs Assessment Paper

    Presenting Needs and Initial Intake: Our holistic work with community members begins with our Direct Service Network. Upon arrival at the Panacea Institute for Equality in Education, families are greeted with a “pre-screen” process to determine their presenting need. At this initial entry point, education challenges supersede all other family challenges. The support staff responsible for the prescreening process will determine the severity of the educational challenge and will determine how…

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  • Raspberry Pi Zero Visual Analysis

    Tiny computer - Raspberry Pi Zero Computers such as a laptop, desktop are very familiar to everyone nowadays, and computer programming is a job works on the computer that creates software, technologies to improve human’s life better. However, the computer is still expensive to someone anyways, and computer programming is still a job that a lot of people don’t know yet. So what is “art” from technology? For someone, the computer is just a development of technologies, the thing that…

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  • Elearning Program Application Essay

    According to Indira Gandhi, the first woman to be elected Prime Minister in India, “Education is a liberating force, and in our age it is also a democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of caste and class, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances.” As a person whose life has spanned across Kuwait, India, Chicago, and now Colorado, I have personally experienced how education has improved the lives of individuals and communities. Conversely, I have observed how…

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  • Who Is Charles Babbage´s Ada Lovelace?

    first general purpose computer, and although he didn't manage to see his work complete and fully working, he managed to set the idea of what was imagined to be a revolutionary machine. Charles Babbage, who was a famous inventor and mathematician, invented two machines which were called the Difference Engines 1 and 2. [1] These machines had one main function which is to work out numbers via repeated additions. The Difference Engine 1 was basically…

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  • Computer Programmer Progression

    A computer programmer a person who commutates with a computer. How does one get a career in this field, and what is the future of this field for me? What is a computer programmer? According to the U.S. Department of Labor a computer programmer job is to write and test code that allows computer applications and software programs to function properly. The U.S. Department of Labor goes on to say that computer programmers turn program designs created by software developers and engineers into…

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  • The Importance Of Test Scores During High School

    gradually adapted to my school setting and felt more comfortable in my classes and activities at Lowell. 2. Where do you plan to apply to college and why? What about college excites you the most? I plan to apply to colleges that have an emphasis on Computer Science including the California Institute of Technology, USC, Harvey Mudd, Stanford, and multiple…

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  • John Backus Essay

    John Backus, a man who made lasting contributions to the field of technology as a computer scientist, was surprisingly described as a terrible student in high school and throughout his entire career as a student. After a delayed graduation, he attended college at the University of Virginia where he majored in chemistry, but eventually he stopped going to classes and got expelled. In 1943 he was drafted into the Army where he was put in charge of an anti‐aircraft crew, but an aptitude test showed…

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  • Girls Who Code Research Paper

    within the computer sciences industries of North America. The organization provides confidence enriching opportunities through mentorships and learning opportunities within the computer science and stem fields, where girls can hone their coding skills to contribute to their community and the lives of others. Saujani hopes to expand the work of her organization to help girls in emergency zones such as Nigeria and Kenya, by developing partnerships, the provision of hardware (computers, Wi-Fi)…

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  • Importance Of Coding In Schools

    Importance of Coding in Schools Computer programming or coding is becoming an extensive part of today’s society, we use a programmer’s work daily with our mobile phones and computers. As we continue on in advances with technology, our schools should be providing classes that will keep our nation’s students up to date. Offering these computer science classes to all students as early as kindergarten should be encouraged, because the schools best interest is within what skill sets our children…

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  • I Am An Exceptional Student Analysis

    to teach programming to high school students and I was the coach for a team of 3 students who developed an app using PHP, Flash and MySql to compete in an international competition called Oracle Think-Quest. We received a certificate of achievement from Oracle. Other non-computer activities include being the head of Palestinian People Party in the United Arab League Delegate in 2008 and finalist in Master Mind Business Plan Competition in 2009. I like learning everything new in computer…

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