Raspberry Pi Zero Visual Analysis

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Tiny computer - Raspberry Pi Zero Computers such as a laptop, desktop are very familiar to everyone nowadays, and computer programming is a job works on the computer that creates software, technologies to improve human’s life better. However, the computer is still expensive to someone anyways, and computer programming is still a job that a lot of people don’t know yet. So what is “art” from technology? For someone, the computer is just a development of technologies, the thing that they use daily for working and entertaining. However, in my point of view, this product is one of the most important inventions that changed our world and make our life easier. Art in my definition is not somethings that abstracts, or somethings that …show more content…
It is used a new technology, so the company can reduce the cost of it to an extraordinary price, $5. It is designed to be cheap enough so that everyone can buy it, even a child. Inspire of the low price, it still can satisfy the requirement of a normal user as desktop do. For entertainment, this new tiny computer has an ability to play HD-video and export it on TV at high resolutions by its HDMI port (High Definition Multimedia Interface). In addition, it has two USB ports, so that I can plug in the Wi-Fi adapter, a mouse and keyboard to do my work such as word documents or send emails. Furthermore, this tiny device also uses a little energy to run, just about 0.8 Watt, so that it can save plenty of electric in the long use when to compare to the normal desktop which use over 400 Watts to start. Though the zero in on the cost and the size, the Raspberry Pi Zero is suitable to use as a living room PC to enjoy media on the TV without worry about the price and …show more content…
I grew up in a rural area. Since childhood, I enjoyed the electronic devices and the portable game machines, but I never owned one. When I went to college and study computer science, I still hadn’t had a computer because its price still too high for my family income. That was a hard time. With the development of technologies, computers are cheaper and faster. However, the computer like Raspberry Pi Zero is very different. It is attracting me at the first time I read about it on a website. It is the art of making something fancy to normal, at a big size to a very tiny one. I am attracted of the art that they bring high technology to everyone, included myself. With the development of technology, I believe that Raspberry Pi Zero will become more popular, and it will appear in everyone’s home. The kid will be more interested in the computer, and will be more creative with the little powerful computer.
With an enthusiastic dedication to the community, Raspberry Foundation wants to bring a computer to everyone’s home in the world and make an easy way to teach and learn computer programming, thereby helping to advance the education of people, particularly in the field of

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