The Pros And Cons Of Computer Science

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Throughout the decades Computer Science has become a growing career field. Many students choose to major in it as both undergraduate and graduate students. But, like any other major there other students who have dropped out of Computer Science for specific reasons. So Now the question “Is Computer Science a good choice for a major?” is being asked. Depending on the person an individual is, Computer Science is a good major. In this research, to answer the question “Is Computer Science a good major?”, two types of students will be focused on, students still majoring in Computer Science and students who have drop out of it to pursue a new degree.
Computer Science didn’t always have the same name, in fact it wasn’t always about programing either, before Computer Science there were other tools used to help in calculations like the abacus used to keep track of adding high numbers. Before the abacus women would be given the task of computing, which involved a lot of repetitive calculations. Repetition could be very boring and boredom leads to a lot of mistakes. In the 14th century John Napier invented Napier’s rods a machine that made it easy to do multiplication (Shallit). In the 18th century more calculating machines were built to make repetitive boring task easier for humans to do. In 1919
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There are schools that have already begun teaching coding, which is an area in Computer Science. They have realized that people are changing and that Computer Science has become a very important element to learn. Now, Computer Science can be listed with core courses in schools like Math, English, and Science. Understanding different aspects of computing is now a skill set for someone that is well educated in today’s society, just like being able to write. Computer Science provides many opportunities for us to make our knowledge grow and the world to

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