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  • Canada Post's Alternative Reward System Case

    development of two-tier plans. In Canada Post’s case, the collective agreements between urban and rural postal carriers. From the management’s perspective, tiers can be used to control costs for expansion or economic survival. Canada Post had negotiated an agreement with the CUPW’s rural division based on quantity of mail distributed. In their opinion rural distribution would not be as economically viable without changes between the urban and rural collective agreements. The CUPW believes the…

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  • Triangle Fire Research Paper

    Triangle fire claimed the lives of 146 people, most being Italian and Jewish immigrants and most young women and girls. The people that operate on the margins of society are the most vulnerable, needing protection and often not heard unless it is a collective voice. Mary Harris “Mother” Jones once said “Mourn the dead, but fight like hell for the living”. This approach is the approach that has to be taken to protect worker’s rights. Regulation and policy are the tools to protect workers and…

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  • Sigmund Freud: An Analysis Of Carl Jung's Unconscious Mind

    do not fall into personal unconscious; The personal unconscious is comprised of surprised and forgotten memories like traumas. Carl Jung proposed that many of our psychological makeup is passed down from generation to generation in the form of a collective Jean that pool and contain certain information about our adaptation to…

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  • Efficiency Wage Theory

    being taken care of financially. Unions benefit workers because they are collective and allow individuals certain protections in their job that they would not have alone. Unions allow low-wage workers the opportunity to progress to positions that provide more stability financially. Wages are better for union members than for non-union members and are given a greater span of benefits. As a group, unions have the benefit of ‘collective bargaining’. The strength of having a great number of people…

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  • Causes Of The Winnipeg General Strike

    citizens held a strike, declining to return to their jobs until they have been granted the right of collective bargaining for better wages and working conditions. While the workers were defeated in the strike by the ‘Citizen’s Committee of 1,000’ consisting of Winnipeg’s wealthy elite with a large portion of factory owners, it has had an…

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  • Political Socialization And Framing

    In democracy, public opinion is very important for politicians because citizens are the ones who elect their office representatives, at the same time citizens have to act together to solve collective action problems. Polls express citizens’ public opinion that government pays attention and mobilize their campaigns around these opinions. However, a person has a combination of different beliefs, feelings and behavior about politics based on information and knowledge that has been acquired…

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  • Archetypes In Willy's Dream

    After the death of her brother Polyneices and father Oedipus, Antigone’s collective unconscious retreats into an inner conflict between life and death, paralleled in her the derivatives of her name, Anti-gone equating to against birth. Her sense of self is compelled towards in the identities of the dead, particularly exemplified in her morals embedded in her family’s honour. She becomes the epitome of the living death, whereby manifestations of love in marriage and children have been forbidden…

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  • Labour Union Violations

    starting to complain about the working conditions and wages. They are willing to organize in order to fight back and seek help of a Union. Labor union is formed in a private business under the National Labor Relations Act and gives employees a collective voice of their grievances…

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  • The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB): A Case Study

    While the reasons are many, they include, at least in part, political repression and relative absence of collective bargaining efforts in the southern states, plus favorable financial incentives from the local governments (Blank, 2011). A pro-business political climate within these states has been enhanced by low business costs such as for taxes and labor, strong…

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  • President Roosevelt's Role In Political Reform

    Wagner Act, workers were guaranteed the right to “join unions and bargaining collectively” (Dubofsky & McCartin 142). Along with that, it established the National Labor Relations Board which “banned employer-dominated company unions from engaging in collective bargaining, and outlawed a variety of anti-union tactic” (Dubofsky & McCartin 142). Armed with support from…

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