Keck Medical Union Negotiations Case Study

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Many unions were started to ensure that employees were treated fairly when it came to issues like wages, health benefits, retirement, and job security. Contract negotiations often are the most stressful aspect of the relationship between unionized workers and a company’s management. During the collective bargaining process, the labor union and the employer submits work proposals and counteroffers and recommend concessions to reach agreements within the collective bargaining agreement. Every agreement has a duration period, meaning that the agreement expires after a specific date and the parties have to negotiate a new agreement. It is important that the union and company’s management remain ethical in union negotiations. Carrell & Heavrin (2013) defines ethics as “the study of morality the worth of moral judgments and principles of conduct that influence behaviors.” (Carrell & Heavrin, 2013, p.170) …show more content…
Keck Medical center employees has been in negotiations with the Medical Center since April 2015 and in December of 2015 the medical center returned with it final and best offer to the employees which they declined. The Keck Medical Center employees has also been striking during the negotiations process. According to the article, the University’s offer that were unacceptable to the union members, but some of the most egregious include a wage scale that leaves hundreds of workers well below the market rate for their positions. In bargaining, the union team presented a comprehensive wage proposal to raise wages to a market-competitive level. In the near future, workers will take their calls for fair wages and safe staffing to local city and county

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