Trade Union Pros And Cons Essay

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Question #1
The commentators in The Economist, on the subject of labor unions, stated the beneficial and harmful attributes of the intuition. Labor unions were most useful in the 50s, 60s and some may even debate the 1980s. With the huge decline of the membership of unions in recent years, their purpose and effectiveness has come into question. Labor unions once wielded the power of increasing the price of goods and even certain categories of labor forces. They were an equalizing force of good in the negations over wages and benefits worldwide. At one time, public unions negotiated generous pension packages, work rules, protective social arrangements. They use their influence to provide management with information pertaining to organizational practices and works effects on the workers. Unions can also provide major industries with additional support when lobbying for beneficial congressional statues.
Due to changes in the global economy, the power and prestige of Labor unions are almost too minuscule to measure. The unions of today tend to place the welfare of consumers, precariously placed workers and some poor at risk, while only increasing the financial status of specific
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Implications include both legal and illegal behaviors.
• If an employer threatens to take away an employee 's job or benefits if that person should join or vote for a union
• When an employer interferes with employee rights to organize, form, join, or assist a labor organization
• Prohibits an employer from dominating or assisting a labor union
• Prohibits an employer from punishing a work for filing charges with the Labor Board
• Requires the employer to bargain collectivity in good faith with the union
• Employers can explain to workers why they dislike unions and how unionization might affect the company
• Employers can express their disapproval of labor unions to

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