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  • Broken Bodies Summary

    result of the paths that they were channeled into through the structural racism that keeps them in their pre-determined boxes. It’s a circular institution: the type of work they are able to do is determined by their social status and education, and the social status and education they are able to obtain is determined by the work they can do. Because of the circular pathway better known as structural racism, the Triqui people are have no mobility to advance up the social hierarchy. They are…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Broad Museum

    The Broad My museum trip can be summed up with the word serendipitous. When I arrived at the Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles, I saw the line to enter the museum go down two blocks. I walked into the lobby, intending to ask a museum attendant on the estimated wait time in line. After hearing the line was going to be a three hour wait, we continued our conversation and started bonding over Yayoi Kusama’s work, especially her Infinity Mirrored Room. Unexpectedly, the museum attendant decided…

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  • The Starry Messenger Research Paper

    Whitney Noonan Philosophy of Revolution 2/29/2016 At the beginning of the scientific era people were not only shocked but also spiritually threatened by the new discovery that the Sun was actually in the center not the Earth. The “new philosophy” (since there was no word for “science” at the time) is the Copernican revolution. In 1610 Galileo had published the world’s first scientific bestseller, The Starry Messenger. This revolutionary work argued that the heavens are not organized the way…

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  • Moral Reform Movement

    The moral reform movement was a collective effort by ill-equipped parents, “settlement workers and vice reformers joined with club leaders, probation officers, social workers, and sex educators” to combat the scourge of prostitution and to bring under control the newly sexualized population of young working women in the 1900’s (Alexander, 1995, p. 41). Once the young women got a taste of freedom, they “profess utter lack of respect for their parents and contempt for their home life” and…

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  • James Ortega Research Paper

    For this report I chose to write about a male three year old toddler named James Ortega, who I know very well. I interviewed his parents to obtain a deeper grasp of James that my observations throughout his life may have missed. The toddler is half Mexican on his mothers and half Salvadorian on his fathers. James has no siblings as he is the only child in his household. He lives with both his parents in a house that is in an upper middle class neighborhood. Both his parents are employed, his…

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  • Why Was Andrew Jackson A Good President?

    Many speculators have criticized Jackson’s use of executive authority through either vetoing bills he saw as “bad policy”, dealing with the Nullification Crisis, or the Indian Removal Act However, if it were not for Jackson’s firm decisiveness and lack of fear in expanding the duties of the president, the United States would have been much different today…

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  • Informative Speech On Ancient China

    It consists of The Circular Mound Altar, The Imperial Vault of Heaven and Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. The Imperial Vault of Heaven is a spiritual gesture of storing the Chinese Gods spirits into tablets made of stone called spirit tablets. The Ancient Chinese used these and captured the essence of a God and preserved it forever. The Circular Mound Altar is a 3 level marble Altar used during the Qing and Ming dynasties to pray…

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  • Ptolemaic Planetary Analysis

    Therefore, the angular velocity of the sun as observed from the earth varied throughout the seasons, meaning that either its absolute velocity is variable or that the earth is not at the center of a circular orbit. Faced with this problem, Hipparchos chooses to abandon the latter hypothesis7 likely due in part to the fact that there is another correlated phenomenon that contradicts the fact that the earth was at the center of these orbits – the angular…

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  • Omphalos Of Delphi

    Delphi museum. We saw many of the artifacts that were found during excavations. They were brought into the museums to prevent further damage and to protect them. There are two main omphalos of Delphi. One is inside the museum and the other one is at the archeological site. The omphalos is the stone that Rhea, the mother of the Olympians, gave to her husband wrapped in a blanket. She did this to trick Cronus, her husband, into…

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  • Circular To Pastors Summary

    In the introduction to the “Circular to Pastors of Methodist Congregations” it talks about how the Bible Society of Rowan County decided to take action to establish a committee to print and distribute Bibles all across the South during the Civil War. On June 23, 1861 a circular, which is an advertisement, or letter that is distributed to a large number of people was sent to the pastors of the churches in Rowan Country. This letter was to be read to the congregation about establishing a Bible…

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