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  • Johnny Cash's The Man Called Cash

    singer Johnny Cash’s life. His father’s siringency and his religious mother’s approach helped Cash endure his poverty stricken childhood in Dyess, Arkansas during the depression. When Cash was a pre-teen his older brother Jack was killed by a circular saw that just about severed him in two. Cash felt strong guilt for his brother’s death and though his father blamed him as well since Cash went off…

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  • Growing Up In The Woods: A Fictional Narrative

    The inside of the forest was darker than either of us had originally anticipated, so Ethan and I had reached for our phones in order to get at least some light. The faint glow illuminated a small patch of the area in front of us which caused some small rodents to run from the dim illumination. I turned to Ethan and he said that we should keep moving in order to prevent us from being spotted without any way to escape. We wandered through the dark murk for another 5 minutes until we came across a…

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  • Narrative Essay On My First Year On Stage Crew

    neared the table saw. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but to have something so powerful, in a sense, in my control seemed too much. My bones began to shake as my clammy hand reached to hold the handle, and at that moment I happened to turn my head to the sign that said, Failure is always an option. It was in that moment, I finally started to believe in myself to do everything I had never even thought I possibly could. Continuing on without hesitation, I pushed the trigger and the chop saw turned…

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  • Mccarthyism And The Mccarthy Hearings And The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    As if the Salem Witch Trials did not seem absurd enough as a standalone, the McCarthy Hearings were dubbed “witch-hunts” in reference to the parallels between the mass fear and spread of accusations of the Salem Witch Trials, along with the use of circular logic in that in each scenario, one was considered guilty until they admitted that the accuser was correct in their condemnations (Sowers). Hundreds of thousands of Americans in the 1940s and 1950s believed Senator Joseph McCarthy’s…

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  • Summer Solstice Essay

    Lucas sunbathed on the balcony of his two-story house in Eastern Florida. The sun beat down on the ever-growing population of the town. The fact that it was summer meant that it was already hot. That temperature was driven up by Global Warming and what day it was- The Summer Solstice. Normally, Lucas would only go outside today for a few minutes, and following schedule, he had been inside for the rest of the day except for now. The stark white balcony was in deep contrast with the rest of…

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  • Onion Cell Experiment

    The cellular structures of animal and plants cells are clearly different. These structural differences will be rediscovered through this experiment. It is expected that the experimenter will observe attached rectangular shapes in a plant cell, and circular cells in animal cells. It is also presumed that nucleus of the cell will be more…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving Into The Woods

    than a couple years, but thankfully that was not the case. When we first settled in, I noticed a path leading into some trees behind our condo building and knew I had to explore. As I walked through the initial thicket of trees on the dirt path, I saw several bird houses in a field of flowers with another trail leading deeper into the woods. I took that trail and soon found that it broke out into three more trails, then into another three, and then another three. I randomly chose a route and…

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  • Were American People Justified To Blame For The Depression Of 1837?

    The Depression of 1837 was the outcome of several misfortunate decisions and developments. These events eventually created a financial state of emergency in in the United States which continued beyond 1837. Some of the major factors that caused the crisis were bad Presidential decisions, faulty foreign affairs as well as rash actions of state banks. For this assignment, the question was proposed, were the American people justified in blaming President Van Buren for the Depression of 1837? It…

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  • Essay On Child Development Observation

    Piaget’s theory on sensorimotor sub stages, I was able to gather that information learned and use it well conducting an observation. Piagets sensorimotor sub stages included a reflexive stage, primary circular reactions, secondary circular reactions, coordination of secondary schemes, tertiary circular…

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  • Erikson's Stages Of Human Development

    angry. My mom said she fed me all the time, so I believe that I trusted my both of parents, unlike my sister, because I knew they were able to provide for me. During the first couple years of my older sister’s life, my dad worked three jobs and rarely saw her. As a result, she became scared of him and developed mistrust. When I was born, my dad began to work less to prevent that from happening again. Erikson’s theory does not always have to follow a binary system. When I entered the Autonomy vs.…

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